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Nobody has ever called KohSpot an alcoholic, except for our court-appointed substance abuse counselor, a high-school teacher, an intervention group, and thewxyz Bangkok bartender this afternoon.

But those episodes aside, we decided it was time for an all-night boozer and jumped at the chance to sample wxyz lounge’s cocktail buffet on Friday and Saturday night.

Wxyz, whose names sounds like a U.S. radio station, is the hotel bar for Aloft and is the recent newcomer on the suddenly sizzling Sukhumvit Soi 11, across the street from Bed Supperclub. There is a vaulted outdoor ceiling before you enter the building that allows outdoor bar seating as well as an elevator to access the club and restaurant without going to the hotel. This is the first of several odd features about the hotel.

The bar is on the first floor, just up the stairs past the lobby, and the overall effect of the layout makes it seem like wxyz is a work-in-progress: there’s track lighting, bizarre laser lights, but also thudding music and no dance floor and backless stools. The atmosphere is more that of a hotel bar, factoring in the crowd and the type of drinks, so like many bars and restaurants in Bangkok, its facing a bit of an identity crisis. And that’s before the curtain.

As pointed out earlier, wxyz is just one floor above the reception as you walk in, but this space is open and you can walk from the lounge all the way to the front of the hotel, just above reception, looking down at the patrons. The hotel apparently doesn’t want people spilling drinks all over the place and yelling at incoming hotel guests, so it decided to put a Wizard of Oz curtain halfway between the floor, thinking no one would venture out past it. This is Thai business strategy at its finest!

Many of the cocktails here are deemed molecular, mostly because they add a dollop of liquid nitrogen to make drinks “smoke”, though there is some use of espuma as well. The “Good Morning” was pleasant enough, made with gin, apple juice, lime juice and mint espuma, but the smoked cosmo was unfortunately, like much on the menu, way too sweet. Like almost everywhere in Bangkok, remember to tell the bartender “mai wan” for every single drink order. The cocktail buffet is 700 baht from 9 pm to 1 am on Fridays and Saturdays, but near the end of the night, KohSpot and friends had to order just straight shots of chilled Patron to find ourselves in the happy place.

Free popcorn is also available, as is Wii ping pong. But if wxyz really wants to get its act together, it needs to sort out the music, cut out the sugar, figure out what it wants to be, lose the curtain, and tie its shoes because its trippin.

Location: 35 Sukhumvit Soi 11, across the street from Bed
Mass transit: BTS Nana
Hours: 6 pm-2 am nightly
Phone: 02-207-7000

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