Wip 168: Thong Lor After Hours

Indiana Jones scours the globe for ancient artifacts and lost civilizations while KohSpot searches high and low for the greatest nightlife offerings in Bangkok. What is the difference between Indiana Jones and KohSpot?  Other than being raging alcoholics with a taste for the finer things in life…not much.

This innate curiosity to discover all things Led Zeppelin recently lead us to Wip 168. Let’s be honest readers, nightlife in Bangkok is a highly opinionated topic, very similar to the long standing debate of whether a great poop is better than bad sex, but we will try to be as fair, just and relentless as possible with our reviews.

Ekkamai and Thong Lor’s mid-so peeps demand that the party train continues on its course long after Nung Len and Funky Villa close their doors, but who exactly is behind the wheel isn’t always so clear?  Scratch dog is stanky and the rest of the afterhours clubs are littered with society’s less desirables. Wip 168 to the rescue!

Wip 168 caters to a young, almost exclusively Thai crowd that is the target audience for skin whitening products – beauty is only skin deep when partying at Wip and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Wip is small, meaning it gets crowded and hot quickly, leading to a) a great environment for mish mashing and meeting other inebriated individuals and b) a giant fire hazard.  In a feeble attempt to escape the heat a lot of the patrons will overflow to the malls planters, which inevitably leads to a scene reminiscent of Kevin Smith’s film Mallrats.

The setting in Wip is dark with neon lights sprinkled about and air fraught with hookah smoke creating an environment that lends itself to hazy interactions or an obstacle course of tables if you are a farangzilla (Farang + Godzilla = Farangzilla).  The music is beyond predictable as the DJ clearly stole the hip-hop mega mix CD from RCA, but if you are someone who is critiquing club music at 4:00am then you probably have long forgotten how to enjoy yourself.  Loosen up.

Curiously, Wip 168 has a no camera policy.  Although rarely enforced we are actually big proponents  of this policy as we have grown tired of always having our picture taking when out for a big night on the town.  Come on people, we are just like you!

The cover is 200 baht and gets you 2 mixers or 1 Beer Singha. Pop a Black Label for 2,000 baht and you’re set, until the police come to raid the place again for underage drinking. Like many after-hours joints, the closing time seems to vary from night to night. Be sure to ask at the door to avoid disappointment.

Verdict: If you like the crowds that hang out at Thong Lor and Ekkamai and you can handle the programmed music, a late night at Wip 168 should make your short list of after hours options.

WIP 168
Location: Liberty Building, Soi Thong Lor, building is a mall on the right just before you reach the khlong before reaching Phetchaburi Road. Yes the mall is closed but you will easily hear the tunes from outside.
Mass transit: BTS Thong Lor but they don’t open until midnight, which is when the BTS closes.
Hours: Midnight-4:30 or 5:30 am. Check at the door.

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