Tube Gallery Show – Bangkok Model’s Week

KohSpot uses our clout as an Internet juggernaut and household name in the web world whenever possible, andbangkok international fashion week that includes covering fashion shows you might not be able to get into, or more likely, not care to get into. Always on the lookout for what’s going to be the latest fashion trend this season, we uttered the word “KohSpot” to the doorman for Bangkok International Fashion Week and sashayed our way into the Parc Paragon tented compound.

This was Tube Gallery’s show, featuring the work of two designers named Phisit and Saxit, and it was packed to the rafters. While the majority of the crowd were just common folk interested in fashion, the front three rows had quite a few nip tucks and judging from the clothes they were wearing and the looks on their faces when some of the disasters rolled by, they were the design glitterati. Among this crowd the Flock of Seagulls haircut was prevalent, as were tank tops and sweaters tied over shoulders. Egos and self-consciousness was bursting at the designer seams. Swarms of beautiful girls escorted by toms and guys keen on fashion that wear green socks.

We’ve seen too many catwalks in Bangkok to mention. It was clear that Tube Gallery’s show selected the city’s top talent. How can we make that claim? Easy. If the walk involves thrusting your shoulders back and your hips forward without looking like you suffer from scoliosis and your height is over 5’10” while maintaing a weight under 115 pounds, you’re on the right track to being a successful cat-walker. Oh yea, no smiling too. It helps if you sprinkle a bit of scowling, though.

Enough with the models, what should you be wearing this summer?

Purple and green are preferred. Dress yourself like a Barney wearing a shamrock and you can’t go wrong. Designers even had men wearing purple pants. Also, jeggings (leggings + jeans = jeggings). Burnt sienna was another hue in favor with the designers.

KohSpot gives the show credit. Rather than feature haute couture that nobody would ever wear in real life like peacock headdresses and rigid inside-out skirts, Tube actually displayed wearable, trendy gear. In addition, they knew enough to get the crowd to excited saving popular actress Ann Thongprasom for their finale in a wedding gown.

Tube Gallery – Bangkok International Fashion Week
Location: Parc Paragon, but it just ended last Sunday. But don’t worry,
this being Bangkok a new one will roll around in about three months.

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