The Survivor: Q Bar’s Reign Continues

As a long standing veteran of the club scene (an astounding 11 years and running), Q bar has continuously been written off as a ‘has been’ of cool. Well, it would be pure folly to sleep on this behemoth of popularity as Q bar still manages to slay the competition and reign supreme year after year. This is the way of the warrior. Club scenes in every mega-metropolis are amazingly fickle, and Bangkok’s wily partygoers are certainly no different.  Take a look at a less commanding opponent such as Curve, which is either in a constant state of remodeling or has been looted by government cronies or both at last check. As you run through the jungle and all you hear is rumbles its important to remember that it is only the clubs that are cunning, hip, aggressive and/or packed to the brim with fille de joie that survive.  This leads us to Q bar’s secret sauce. Delicious

Q bar may be one of the few clubs that fits the stringent criteria set forth by Young Dunlap and his ever controversial Face Control program. Cover charge, check. Hot girls, check. Open til all hours, kinda, sorta, maybe.

Of course there’s no magic bullet as to why a club succeeds or fails, unless you refuse to pay the police bribes (e.g. Curve). In the case of Q bar the success is more likely contributed to the force of personality of the owners (Andrew and David), the near-constant promotions and world renowned DJs (DJ Jazzy Jeff!) they bring to the table, and its prime location on Sukhumvit Soi 11 near Bed Supperclub.

For example, last Wednesday Andrew, a Crazy Canuck, put together Bangkok’s first poutineparty (poutine is a plate of fries covered in gravy and cheese curds, and yes, KohSpot can testify that it is both unhealthy and delicious). Coupled with ladies night, there was a pretty good turnout and Bang – Q Bar is MVP of the week.

It should be noted Q Bar is a place to see and be seen. This means you should not be wearing yesterday’s sweatpants. Actually, you should never wear yesterday’s sweatpants. Anyways, most folks here dress to impress and painfully attempt to recreate the pages of Vogue, GQ and Stuff magazine (not in that particular order). The girls are a mix of average janes, stunners, and yes, some prozzies thrown in for good measure. The men are either young, well-to-do gents or older, well-to-do dudes who more than make up for their creepiness with some of the best dance moves ever seen this side of the International Date Line. Everyone is a role player at Qbar.

The club downstairs is cramped at best, but no one really focuses on dancing here unless a big act comes and rocks the house. The layout, consisting of a square bar in the middle of the floor and minimal room to maneuver, means you never really feel connected with the rest of the crowd. However, after a few minutes and 13 overpriced Heinekens you will easily find yourself mingling, dancing and flirting with Mrs or Mr Right Now.

The lounge/restaurant upstairs is much nicer, and use your KohSpot VIP pass to score a sofa in the corner if you want to look like you got that dirty money. Most of upstairs area is open-air, and Q Bar even offers hookahs if you want to get your Cheshire Cat on. Also, if you get the chance, try to meet David, as his voice sounds exactly like Mickey Rourke’s, which is pretty awesome.

Yes, a cocktail runs around 300 baht, but you’re not here every day, so kick back and enjoy the scenery. Also, keep posted for the occasional promotion as they pop up frequently and can be a real value when compared tot the standard cover charge of 500baht (two drinks).

Congrats Qbar on being the unofficial Alexander the Great of the BKK Clubbin Scene.

Location: 34 Sukhumvit Soi 11, just past Bed Supperclub
Mass transit: BTS Nana
Hours: 9 pm-3 am daily
Phone: 02-252-3274

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