Muse Bangkok – The Roof

NOTE: This review is just discussing the top floor of the Muse Club, “The Roof.” The downstair floors can pretty much be summed up in a few short phrases: hot girls, ok albeit loud music, crowded on weekends. 

Bangkok’s Muse roof top restaurant and and bar checks off most of the important requisite needs for a dope venue.

  1. VIP – Check.
  2. Places to Lounge – Check.
  3. Handsome guys and beautiful gals – Check.
  4. Nice menu – Check.
  5. A bathroom with conveniently placed shelves to do lines of coke – Check.
  6. Cool chilled out band – Check.

With a checklist like this it’s no wonder The Roof is packed every night.

The Roof is located one floor above club Muse but seems miles away with its relaxed, hip and cordial ambiance. The music is low and people are sporting their finest Paragon attire while sipping top shelf liquors and munching on finger foods. Furthermore, unlike the raucous and rowdy scene one floor below at Club Muse you won’t find anybody collapsing into a heap of vomit and tears, smeared makeup and broken heals yelling “Have you seen my friend! WHERE is my friend!”.  The car park may scream “dickhead parking only” with over the top ‘pimp rides’ in ever slot, but the patrons at The Roof are surprisingly down to earth and approachable.

The Roof is stylish, open air and packed with enough foliage to lessen Bangkok’s ever increasing image as a concrete jungle. Its also just gone under a major renovation that darkens the space and raises the exclusivity factor. Long wooden tables are minimalist but strong, inviting while classy.  Chilling while feeling fresh never felt so great.

A live band jams out American top 40 most nights playing local favorites like B.O.B., Nelly and Big Ass with the occasional jazz session thrown in the mix. All music is tastefully played a low enough volume to continue your conversation and loud enough for you to sip sync along.   Kudos to The Roof for getting this one right.

The menu is nothing to turn your nose up at and has some extremely tasty thai dishes available. The grilled beef comes highly recommended if you get the munchies. Also the Thai style chicken wings taste delicious with beer.

The Roof does have a few share holders who are quite famous so running into a dara or two here is the norm. You don’t have to dress to impress but shorts and a tanktop with get you rejected at the door. And don’t forget your ID, this is one of the few places in BKK that actually cards regardless of how old you look.

All of this combined gives The Roof a feel and vibe that is more or less unrivaled in Bangkok. If you’re in the mood for something different from the normal club scene, The Roof will not disappoint.

Muse – Roof Restaurant and Bar
Address: Thonglor Soi 10, Bangkok
Phone: 08-9988-5995
Open: 6pm – 2am

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