Taksura – A refreshing twist for RCA

Walking down RCA, presumably wasted, you’ve probably seen an old looking bar.  The place is all wood from floor to ceiling.  It used to have doors, but now it’s open air.  Ahhhh, remember now? It’s that bar.  You should have stopped and got a drink, it’s actually pretty cool.

Taksura has been opened for over 15 years, but recently had a makeover.  They didn’t pull the “reverse Michael Jackson” like route 66; going from white to black.  They went economical on our asses.  How do you save money? Open the doors and turn off the air con, lower the prices to gain a crowd, let people smoke everywhere, and put everything in the bar up for sale. So far so good; it’s working!


Taksura is a bar/restaurant/antique store. Old Pennzoil signs, vintage Pepsi and Singha bottles, even an old rustic tuba decorates the walls. It’s a very cool place.  Nice change for RCA and with the recent closing of Prop Bar (yeah it’s closed) there’s nothing else like it on the strip.  This bar has a lot of character. Perfect for when the clubs next door get lame.

The food is great and served until midnight.  It’s a traditional Thai menu, so nothing crazy. The tum kha gai (spicy chicken soup with coconut sauce) is excellent and the cook puts a little twist on the larb gai.  But don’t eat too much because the bathroom is disgusting. Consider yourself warned. Food prices start at 80 baht per plate with a few getting up to the 250 range. Drinks are the same; 50 baht a beer, Sangria liter for 250, liter of Red Label for 1100 and 15 baht mixers. “No, we don’t have promotions,” says Too, the manager, “everything everyday is a promotion!” This dude is full of wisdom.

The bar gets packed on Friday and Saturday nights so you should call for a reservation. Live music is offered on these days as well; a combo of Thai and Farang music.  The rest of the week is chilled out; low key music, good conversation, and lots of laughs. The scene here is mostly office people from the area and people who can appreciate a fun chilled out bar.


Address: RCA. The address is only written in Thai.  It’s down passed 808 on the right, next to the Triumph bike shop
BTS: Thonglor and then a taxi
MRT: Petchaburi and then a taxi
Phone: 02-203-0972
Open: 6pm to 2am

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