Sri Poom: All Grown Up

Ah, KohSpot remembers our salad days when Sri Poom was just an oft-passed bar on Chakrapong Road near Soi Rambutri. Fast forward a few months and Sri Poom has gained leaps and bounds in the popularity department, but has still managed to stay out of the Lonely Planet (Thank Buddha). Location! Location! Location! our real estate agent screamed into our ears when we purchases our first pad at MahaNakhon.  Sri Poom is either owned by the same real estate agent or the bar got lucky with securing some prime real estate for hawking brewdogs to locals and tourists alike.  This place is no longer a secret due to its proximity to khao san, but you can still find some of the original charm of this establishment if you look hard enough.

Sri Poom is just coming off a major redesign that has bifurcated the main seating area, enlarging the outdoor section. This means the smoking area has been expanded substantially, while indoors, which has obscenely powerful air conditioning, only has three tables. Interesting move Sri Poom. The sofas are outdoors which offers a nice environment to soak up the heat of Bangkok’s sweaty nights.

Before the remodel Sri Poom was a collection of odd, mismatched furniture with kitschy, retro accents, sort of like Tuba but not as weird. You could hang with your friends and before you knew it three hours had passed and it was time to hit a club. They even had a Wii for friendly competition. All of this has been replaced with stuffy couches and track lighting. The live DJ is still in effect, but we are afraid that Sri Poom has traded funky and artsy credentials for a more sterile atmosphere.  Another cool bar bites the dust?  Not quite.

Sri Poom still knows how to make a mean mix a drink. These things are straight nasty, but in a good way kinda like when you find out your significant other is up for a triangle tryst. Mojitos during happy hour (5-9 pm) are only 99 baht and the lime and mint are perfectly muddled. Is that Brian Flanagan behind the bar? Most cocktails are 150 baht, including several they’ve tweaked themselves such as the Sri Poom Iced Tea: gin, rum, vodka, tequila, blue curacao, sour mix and Sprite.

If you are feeling the urges to become a complete trainwreck for the evening, Jaeger bombs are 120 baht. A Spiced Up Passionate is a nice blend of rum, passion fruit juice, brown sugar and lime. KohSpot is embarrassed to admit ordering the fruity cocktail, but Sri Poom is the first bar we’ve been to in Thailand to make a Mai Tai that is not sickly sweet so we had to sample. All in all Sri Poom is still worth your time.

Sri Poom
Location: 95 Chakrapong Road, close to the western entry to Soi Rambutri.
Mass transit: Buses to Chakrapong, but no BTS or MRT
Hours: 5 pm-1 am daily
Phone: 02-281-4445

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