Spasso @ Grand Hyatt Erawan

Spasso, Grand Hyatt Erawan’s hotel club, has made a name for itself over the years as a high-class pick-up jointspasso where beautiful Thai women donning tight-fitting cocktail dresses, sip over-priced wine and lure men into engaging situations.  And while KohSpot typically avoids these type of pick-up joints, we were tipped off that one of our friend’s girlfriend was working here on the side, so an investigation (busted) and subsequent review ensued.

There are a few things you can expect any night of the week at Spasso:

  • An expensive beer and overly complicated cocktails (around 300 baht+)
  • Older professional men hiding their wedding rings and high-end prostitutes
  • A cover band that plays a mix of older and contemporary US top 50 hits
  • Hefty cover charges (750 baht cover on Fridays and Saturdays)

Yes, the cover charge is ridiculous, but its designed in a way that is pure genius.

If you’re a guy, the only real reason you’re throwing down 750 baht to go into Spasso is if you’re looking for attractive company for the evening in a non-threatening, non-sleazy setting. If you’re a girl, you also have to pay the cover. That means a relatively huge investment must be made into your looks and flirtation level – ROI only comes in one format in this situation. The result is beautiful (albeit a bit aged) women on a mission and dudes that may feel too professional for some of the entertainment venues in the city, but feel comfortable enough engaging in paid services behind the veil of the Hyatt brand.

Spasso is also a good example of the shifting global economics. After speaking with one of the “regulars” we found that a year or so ago it was mostly white men that frequented Spasso, but now you see a high proportion of Indians and Middle Eastern gentlemen as well.

Spasso also tries to keep it classy by instituting one of the most rigorous dress codes we’ve come across in Bangkok: no singlets or tank tops, no rugby/soccer shirts, no shorts, no ripped or damaged clothing, no slippers or sandals, no sleeveless shirts for men, and no untidy sports shoes.  Tidy up fellas.

Location: Ground floor of Grand Hyatt Erawan at the corner or Rajadamri and Rama I Roads. 494 Rajadamri Road.
Mass transit: MRT Rajdamri or BTS Chitlom
Hours: Opens as a restaurant at 6:30, but live music starts 10 pm nightly. Closes at 2 am.
Phone: 02-254-1234

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