Sonic Ekamai | Bangkok’s Newest Indie Rock Club

For those that remember Jet on Ekamai, Sonic may be a bit jarring the first time you visit. It’s hard to imagine a club veering more wildly regarding its content and target market, but KohSpot loves the change.

Sonic is reportedly owned by the same folks who brought you Cosmic Cafe, and an accurate description of the new club might be to imagine Cosmic in a really large multi-room loft. While Sonic only opened a few weeks ago, it still has an unfinished vibe to it which we think fits well with the atmosphere it’s trying to create. For example, the windows in the main room simply had a cheap black cloth taped over them, but there are folds in the fabric where you can see out. And a few of the rooms aren’t finished, but everything is open, such as the room above the outside bar to your left as you enter, which has a bunch of jumbled furniture and not much else along with blackened windows. This is the exact location where John Bonham would partake in illicit drugs should he come back from the dead and visit Bangkok.

In case it wasn’t clear, the owners are focusing on live indie rock instead of a hi-so wonderland, and judging from the 3rd anniversary of Paradise Bangkok, it will be a rollicking success. Granted, Paradise’s mix of Isaan molam and funk draws a really loyal crowd, and bringing in Theppabutr, one of the most decorated molam bands in the kingdom to perform didn’t hurt the gate. But two days later Sonic followed it up with a gig featuring The Pains of Being Pure at Heart with Yellow Fang and Desktop Error. Another apt description would be a nicer version of Club Culture with better music. We’re not sure Bangkok’s ever had a club like this, save Cosmic Café.

There’s an outdoor DJ booth, bar and seating area in the front, a large stage/DJ booth inside to the right, and several small rooms in between, some with sofas. There are a few misses, like wallpapering the bathrooms with 60-year-old issues of Life magazine, which is something our grandma would do, but by and large the lack of decoration is the decoration, save for the giant white hipster doofus statue outside.

Ekamai has a habit of infecting new clubs like a dirty rash as soon as they open, but KohSpot hopes Sonic is here for the long haul. Bangkok’s music scene needs it.

Location: 90 Sukhumvit Soi 63 (Ekamai), between Big C and Soi 10 on the right-hand side, across the street from Sherbet.
Mass transit: BTS Ekamai
Hours: 7 pm-2 am nightly
Phone: 02-382-3395

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