Seasons change – Ratchada Dining on the Real

Seasons Change is a great jump off for a crazy Ratchada night, or…“I’m going home early guys” type of evening.

When the word Ratchada is spoken in this city it carries with it a connotation of huge multi floor “entertainment complexes” with the likes of Poseidon and Utopia.  But entertainment of the seedier persuasion isn’t all that this road has to offer.

Seasons Change is an outdoor restaurant where the menu is big, good and cheap.  The ground is gravel with patches of grass and trees dotted every so often allowing smoking to be permitted everywhere. It is also a bit of an escape from the concrete jungle of Sukumvit.  Seasons Change is big with many wooden tables scattered about so no need for a reservation. With its big TV screens, tables of pretty girls, and its vicinity to the Ratchada night life, Seasons Change is a good starter for a crazy guy’s night out.


Seasons Change has a hip, modern Thai style, with a hip crowd of middle to upper class Thais. This is a perfect place to watch an EPL game with towers of Heineken (the only beer served) and fill your belly before venturing out to the many clubs down the street.  If your Thai isn’t up to par prepare your food order in advance; the menu’s only in Thai. With the lack of an International crowd and an all Thai menu this is a good place to get a feel of where locals hangout, or to practice ones lackluster  proficiency in Thai. Meals run between 120-250 baht allowing you to taste a little of everything and cocktails go for 200THB.  But this place definitely has a beer fest/football feel.  Get some towers, cheer on your team and start making bets as to which one of you is going to “go home early” but really will end up at Poseidon.

Be careful; between everyone being in a good mood, the non-stop flow of Heinekin, and of course the Ratchada night life just around the corner, this could be one unforgettable night out.  Good or bad.

Address: 775 Ratchada Soi 18 Ratchapisek Huaikhwang Other Zone, Bangkok, Thailand

It’s down the soi a bit; so don’t get scared, once you think you’re lost you find it.
Phone: 02-2779189

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