Salsa Dancing and Guinness

When you think of bars on Sukhumvit 11, the first one to mind is clearly Temples Irish Bar. Ok, that’s obviously a ridiculous statement, but if you’re in the mood for something more creative than the traditional Suk 11 offerings, like a passionate night of Salsa Dancing, give Temples Irish Bar a twirl.

As Minibar Royale did before them (Citadines, Suk 23), Temples Irish Bar is located on the ground floor of The Citadines on Sukhumvit 11, a few doors down from Bed Supper Club.

Temples doesn’t seem like an Irish Bar. They do have Guinness posters on the walls, but that’s as far as the Irish theme goes. And why call an Irish Bar “Temples” anyways? Are there temples in Ireland? Or, are all bars considered “temples” on the island? That’s got to be it.

The decor at Temples Bar feels cheaply thrown together. Inside there is an ok bar and a lounge section, but the bigger draw is the large patio out front where scores of people watch footie on a large projector, smoke sheesha and witness the shenanigans of Suk 11 unfold.

The food isn’t that good and even the manager at Temples admits it but adds, “Its good enough to fill your belly while drinking with friends.” The food isn’t the main attraction here anyway, and neither is the outdoor screen – it’s the Salsa Dancing.

Starting at 9pm on Mondays and soon to be Fridays, Temples Irish Bar, again in typical Irish bar fashion, has a free Salsa Dancing class. The salsa students here aren’t the average Bed Supper or Nest crowd. They are a lot more colorful, less pretentious, and fun. The class is a hodgepodge of men and women who would never be in the same room if it weren’t for the magic of salsa dancing. You may laugh at first and then want to run and hide, but stick around. Salsa dancing is a lot more fun that you may think. If you’ve never learned salsa before its a unique experience to be had in Bangkok; its also a great date night as longs as your date is fun and has an open mind.

At about 9:50pm when the class is winding down, the experts show up. That’s right, Temples doesn’t go back to being a token hotel bar at 10pm. All the pros show up and display their skills late into the night. Its truly a blast and another example of how incredibly Bangkok cross-pollinates culture – Salsa classes at an Irish Bar named Temple, with an Asian instructor on the ground floor of a Singaporean hotel-chain in Bangkok. God bless this city.

Temples Irish Bar
Address: 22/22 Sukhumvit Soi 11, Bangkok 10110 (1st Floor, Citadines Hotel)
Phone: 02-253-1057
BTS: Nana

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