Safe House: Thonglor-Ekamai Club Redefines Bangkok After Hours Partying.

Bangkok is unique. This city oozes a delightful mixture of animation, erraticism and eagerness. No, Bangkok isn’t perfect, but it certainly isn’t boring nor overatted like London or Singapore. We heart BKK for its humbleness and dynamism.

One of the ever-evolving facets of what makes Bangkok such an amazing city is its passion for merry making at all hours of the day and this includes the infamous ‘after-hours’ clubs ranging from dodgy to legendary. In the eternal quest to capture the post midnight party market from emptying out of Nung Len and Funky Villa at 2am most evenings, some entrepreneurs opened Safe House, an after-hours club behind Escobar on Ekamai.

Per usual protocol, we arrived at Safe House with our entourage consisting of a Nigerian bodyguard, a Brazilian “girlfriend” and a Burmese hire whose only job is to keep our ice cubes cold. We are foul. We are admired. We are criticized for our policies and admired for our heterogeneity. We are the United Nations of partying.

Safehouse is packed most nights with beautiful Donut-Dodgers (e.g. anorexics) and suited Trust Fund Babies (e.g. Governement officials illegitimate children). The line outside is reflective of the Mekong, curvy, excitable and most of all internally dirty. Naturally, we walk to the front of the line. Safe House is pitch black, engulfed in smoke and cross-cut with multi-colored lasers. David Bowie just popped a boner.

In an ironic twist the building that serves the Safe House is anything but a ticking time bomb of peril. The creaky infrastructure was built by under employed Issan folk back in 1978 and as a result the layout of Safe House is outdated, disjointed and to be perfectly honest a giant fire hazard. Have we not learned anything from Santika? Nobody bats an eye. The atmosphere is similar to Wip, meaning there is little space to dance, but plenty of room to step on peoples shoes. Claustrophobics have been warned. Party animals united

The only real redeeming quality of the Safe House interior is the raised DJ booth that displays live feeds of the clubs cobwebbed corners. The idea of having the Real World meet Studio 54 is nothing more than a gimmick, but in this narcissistic community of club goers we can’t think of a better alternative. Everyone seems to be transfixed by their own mannerisms as they watch their late night antics play out on hazy silvers screen. A professor should write a research paper about such fancinating and debilitating human behavior.

Anyone and everyone who has ever partied late night in Bangkok knows that the music can be more damaging to society than Yingluck being elected Prime Minister. Safe House comes to the rescues with skilled, creative and intuned DJs who spin the crowd into oblivion. Trance, Hip Hop and even more alternative music genres are played with the respect they deserve at Safe House.

Prices are typical at 1,500 for vodka and 2,000 for whiskey. If you care about such things, there is only a smattering of farang at Safe House, though the club is by no means a secret. We fault Safehouse for offering nothing more than the predictable Bangkok late night partying format, but give credit for implementing it with swagger and ease. Have fun.

Safe House
Location: Behind Escobar and Nung Len on Ekamai. There’s a driveway to the right of Escobar that leads to the door.
Mass Transit: Ekamai BTS is closest, but by the time you’re going to Safe House the BTS will be closed
Hours: 11pm-5am Monday to Saturday
Phone: 080-814-6665

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