Rock Climbing in Bangkok

For those times you can’t make it down to Railay Beach’s limestone cliffs for extreme rock-climbing and throat-tightening base-jumps, there is PT Climbing Wall at Lat Phrao’s Big C to get your vertical climbing fix.

If you’ve never tried rock-climbing its an adrenaline packed experience of both body space awareness and physical strength.  It can be a bit unnerving, particularly if you are afraid of heights, but a number of safety measures are taken to ensure your safety while climbing. The folks helping and belaying (holding your support ropes) are trained and licensed, they also provide a helmet which seems a bit pointless.

Most newcomers have an intense fear of falling off the wall because when you’re climbing the ropes are rather loose. But it only takes a small drop for your belay partner to tighten up and stop you from falling. So once you’re not frantically trying to cling to the wall, it frees your body up to concentrate on climbing. The main reason KohSpot loves rock climbing is that when you’re doing it you are not thinking about anything else—you are totally focused on that one task, which can be refreshing and liberating.

Also refreshing is the 2 hour Thai massage you’re going to need the next day when you realize all the muscles you use in rock climbing that sit dormant the rest of your life.

Run by the serious Majid, use of the wall per day is only 200 baht with shoes, or 150 baht without. A membership card allows for more training and education from the instructors and costs 3,000 baht per year, which grants use of the wall for 50 baht per day. In addition, PT Climbing sometimes organizes field trips to climbing sites.

And while the location inside a gigantic Big C is a bit weird, particularly when you look down to check your foot-hold to see a some kid eating a hotdog while his Mom buys a 99 baht purse, we are very glad this climbing wall exists.

A great alternative workout.

PT Climbing
Location: Big C Lat Phrao, aka Imperial World, in between Lat Phrao sois 81 and 83, right next to the Ram Intra Expressway. The climbing wall is on the first floor of Sport World, on the right-hand side as you enter.
Mass transit: Several buses run up and down Lat Phrao, otherwise it’s a taxi.
Hours: 1-8 pm daily
Phone: 089-821-5246 Majid
Website :

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