Red Bull Park, Bangkok’s Tomahawk Dunk.

Living the dream on Sathorn, and no, it is not a massage parlor.

dunkindancerEvery guy wants to dunk. It’s all around excitement and entertainment. There’s nothing like dunking on some fool, slamming your balls in his face, knocking him to the ground, having friends go ape-shit, and thenĀ not running back on defense. Now you can experience the thrill right here in Bangkok, not just on your Xbox.

Enter Red Bull X Park.

Situated between a condominium that most people can’t afford to live in and Suan Plu (Sathorn Soi 3) is a dunking Mecca. Sure, Red Bull Park has two full sized basketball courts, a climbing wall that apparently just closed, a cafe in its parking lot and a bicycle repair shop – but that’s not why you are here. In the front of the complex, closest to the road are 3-on-3 mini-courts sporting mini-hoops. The courts are about 1/5 regulation size and the hoop is a dunk-thirsty 8 feet high. These are perfect for the lazy farang with no athletic ability to play NBA Jam in real life. The slippery painted hard-courts are equipped with a ’2 Point Line’ so the really short guys can get into the action. Games are played to 11 points.

redbull2Pick-up games will be hit or miss (Tuesday is an active night) so go with some friends. Games are always played in the evening so no one will die of heat exhaustion. The courts are opened every day; however, expect to pay a small fee for court-time. Word to the wise, this is Thailand where everything is subject to change, so call ahead if this is a long trek for you. The Saladang BTS or the Lumpini MRT are the best public transportation options. The 62 bus will also get you close.

Before you leave the park be sure to ask about the tournaments Red Bull X Park sponsors. They’re quite fun. Good people and good basketball plus cash rewards are given to tournament winners. And most importantly; you can dunk.

Red Bull X Park

111 South Sathorn Road. Sathorn, Bangkok 10120
Tel: 02-670-8008 (careful, their English is hit or miss)

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