Ratchada’s Snop Club

You know how a co-worker or a friend of a friend can just sit there, flying under the radar for months or even years before they make the leap and become a good friend and you’re asking yourself, “Where did that come from?” That’s Bangkok’s Snop Club.

The “face” of Ratchada Soi 4 as it sits right on Ratchadaphisek Road, this club has been around for at least five years, which is like 75 in club years for this area. The club moved to its current location a couple years back, but has kept the same party concept regardless of address.

The name Snop is somehow related to a beloved soi dog that was adopted and is allowed to roam around the club. There used to be a donation box for this and other soi dogs, but who knows where that money actually went.

The best part about Snop Bar, and almost a reason in itself for visiting, is that the waiters are required to wear the most ridiculous outfits in Bangkok. Want to be poured a whiskey-soda by a dude dressed up as a dinosaur while dancing to K-pop? You can do it at Snop Bar.

The club is one massive room set on a few mini-levels. The focus is Thai cover songs with slamming crunk tunes churning by a manic DJ in between live sets. Snop has some celebrity pull such as a guitarist from Bodyslam sitting in during a recent visit. The room is jam-packed with as many tables as geometrically possible, so dancing turns into a constrained and awkward ‘shuffle’ as the night moves along and the crowd thickens.

There are a few huge foam dinosaurs situated throughout the club eating carrots for whatever reason, but the oddness crown goes to the bathroom, where in addition to the unsolicited massage guys at the urinal, there is framed gold jewelry everywhere and pictures of some guy reminiscent of Tom Vu posing with fancy cars and women.

The crowd seems to be pretty young (you are in Ratchada), light-hearted and accepting. You won’t run into the same type of agro-club-attitude that is starting to take shape around Thong Lor/Ekakami, so be prepared for a lot of fun-loving, fun-spirited partying at Snop. It helps that a bottle of vodka is only 750 baht.

Snop Club
Location: Ratchada Soi 4, flush with Ratchada Road
Mass transit: Thailand Cultural Centre MRT
Hours: 7 pm-2 am daily
Phone: 089-699-3659

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