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Its certainly a challenge to find a good barber or hair salon in Bangkok (speaking strictly from a male perspective).

We’ve had our fair share of follicle disasters in Bangkok that have either resulted in us looking like a freshly ordained Buddhist monk or the front-man of the next Korean pop band. Explaining what type of hair-style you want in a foreign language is just about as easy as crossing Asok Road on Sukhumvit at 6pm on a Monday, drunk. Which is exactly why getting your hair cut at Park & Bomb Academy at the Eight Building on Thong Lor is such a relief.

Not only do they have receptionists that are fully versed in the English language, they are also knowledgeable about trendy hair styles in relation to your facial structure and hair line.  If you want to keep it conservative, no problem. If you want to be experimental, they’ll have a recommendation. Additionally, the receptionists are really good at pairing you with the appropriate hair stylist, who also acts as a teacher to the other students or assistants at Park & Bomb Acadamy. Steps are taken to make sure you don’t end up looking like Donald Trump.

On most visits, your hair stylist (teacher) will also be assigned two assistants/students that are responsible for washing your hair in a glorious 10 minute head massage and scalp exfoliation. They’ll also blow dry when requested and dust any misfallen hair off your face. The students typically ask questions throughout the hair-cut to the teacher and the explanations and answers of the hair-stylist are in-depth, philosophical and leave the students pondering the existence and symbolism of dome-styles and its place in the world. You know how much we love gimmicks.

The hair stylists at  Park & Bomb Academy only use scissors which is not only a sign of a professional, but also leaves your head with a more balanced look than the adjustable razor clippers used in most Bangkok barbers.

The salon itself is filled with great natural light, minimalist in design and with runway-esque tunes coming from the speakers, Park & Bomb Academy is just a cool and relaxing place to spend your time. Plus, this is Thong Lor, in a hi-so salon, so that one-two punch is certainly a magnetic recipe for the young and the beautiful. Positive remarks on other patron’s new styles may land you a new girlfriend, or at very least adorable smiles and giggles.

For girls, Park & Bomb is also a full-blown salon where you can get everything from a mani-pedi, to a new makeup design or any number of hair options that we don’t understand. Sorry.

Walking in this place and seeing the extent in which Park & Bomb Academy extends itself for a perfect customer experience, with a crew of people looking after you, we figured the price would rape our wallet. But at a very reasonable 500 baht price for a shampoo, cut and style, the cost is negligible (watch out for their killer 300 baht promotions), and well worth the peace of mind that you won’t walk out of the salon looking like an alien.

For a sure-bet hair-cut in Bangkok, Park & Bomb Academy is a great option. Just enter the Eight Building off Thong Lor Soi 8 and head up to the second floor. We recommend the hair-stylist G-Hoo (pictured, not The Don)

UPDATE: G-Hoo no longer works at Part and Bomb – we recommend the Korean stylist Sun.

Park & Bomb Academy
207 2nd Floor 8 Thong Lor

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