Smith’s Bar – A Hidden Gem on Khao San Road

Street sellers, young children selling roses, braided hair backpackers, farang smith1talking about the latest full-moon party, aggressive ladyboys, Burmese ladies selling frog ornaments, falafels and large screen outdoor TVs – the list of descriptive words that encapsulate Khao San Road is never ending. But with several Universities near Khao San Road some great drinking spots and night venues can be found that cater to an affluent, local and fun crowd. Welcome, Smith’s Bar.

Smith’s is a small 2nd floor bar located behind the D&D Inn. An open-air set-up allows a cool breeze to freshen the Elvis and James Dean memorabilia on the walls.  Funky upbeat music from around the globe is in the background. Surprising this place is anywhere near Khao San Road. It feels miles away.

The cocktails are strong and to the point; no mixologist on staff here (150 baht a pop). Smith’s most recent promotion is five Beer Leo or Chang bottles for 199 baht.  The cocktail menu is rounded out with the infamous Sangsom Bucket if your intention is for a vicious hangover the next day.

Smith’s has got a good crowd too, and again, different than what’s on the main road. All the farang at Smith’s are wearing shirts, shoes and apply ample deodorant. The Thais that frequent the bar are artists and people in the media field with a few celebs mixed in. It gets crowded on Fridays and Saturdays but is quieter during the week.

The owners are also the staff who speak English fluently having lived abroad. This is important for two reasons. For one, the bathroom is clean and an acceptablesmith2place to drop a deuce (they are equipped with soap, a hand towel, and even an air freshener). And two, you can modify items on the menu. They understand and are more than happy to accommodate.

Good for lunch, dinner or even a party.  It’s always nice to find a back alley, local place around Khao San Road for one of those chill nights where you just want to enjoy some beer and good company.

Smith’s Bar
Address: 50 Trok Mayom, Jakapong Rd Bangkok
Phone: 08-1454-1550

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