Most Overrated Club in Bangkok

Bed Supper Club wins our award for being the most overrated, over-hyped bar in Bangkok.

Touted in guidebooks as epitomizing ‘Bangkok party,’ Bed Supper Club is one of the better marketed nightlife spots in all of Asia and utilizes its aggressive advertising and social media strategies to always remain in the Bangkok nightlife conversation. And while we feel that the design, atmosphere and motivation behind Bed Supper Club is incredible, particularly in a blossoming international city like Bangkok, it ultimately suffers from a less than enjoyable patron-base lining the backdrop of its edgy and trendy physique.

To elaborate.

Bed Supper Club is an extraordinarily designed space-aged oval pod party spot on Sukhumvit Soi 11. Inside the space-ship, hip is defined with actual beds suspending from the walls, soft neon blue lighting fastening a future forward facade and contemporary film installations projecting onto the walls. Once you enter, you will see that the club is split into two sections. The left is the more laid back side where most diners enjoy mediocre food and lower-key music is spun; its also the space where private events, functions or variety nights such as Latin and Funk take place. To the right is more traditional two-storied clubbing space with a DJ Booth, smattering of bottle service tables and where Bed party people come to cut a rug or Pop Champagne with DanDee and the BKK Invaders on Tuesdays.

We’ve always found the staff at Bed Supper Club to be some of the best in Bangkok. Forced to wear plain t-shirts that proclaim their job, they consistently shatter the veneer the club portrays as rich and beautiful. Impresario Captain Nung is at Bed every night. No really, every night patrons request permission to come aboard the giant space egg from the guy who actually wears a captain’s hat around the club as he greets all his friends and ask them if everything is copacetic. Bed Supper understands customer-care.

Bed Supper Club has various levels of cover charges depending on the night, DJ or event, but it can be as high as 800 baht which includes a couple drinks. No discrimination is administered at the door beyond the fact that dude’s can’t wear sandals. And why would they? At 800 baht at the door, their business model is based upon volume, not sophistication or exclusivity, but there in lies the problem.

At this point, you may be wondering why we’re calling Bed Supper Club the most overrated, overhyped club in Bangkok. Its got one of the best designs, sound system, layouts, and drinks in Bangkok. However, the root of the problem isn’t with Bed Supper Club as an establishment, but rather the type of party-goer it attracts. Let us explain.

Sukhumvit Soi 11 has become a seedy-mess the last few years and resting squarely in the middle of the soi, Bed Supper Club tends to attract a mixed bag of the streets roaming variety.

On a good night, your patron base is looking as follows:

  • 55% - Smug, pretentious looking farang with button-up shirts and mid-level corporate jobs, looking to dry hump.
  • 20% – Freelance working girls that are looking for relationship sponsorship, opposed to short-time payment
  • 10% – Tourists
  • 9% – Upper-crust Thais that have the best corner table and stick to themselves
  • 6% – Super friendly Indians

And while this mix of diversity is great, when KohSpot parties we are looking for something more uniquely Thai. Bed Supper Club often reminds us of the aggressive, macho club experiences in Western countries with its disparate sentiments wafting throughout the air. No thanks.

The Thai version of partying that we’ve grown to love is filled with light-hearted fun, drinking, being respectful of spacial awareness while maximizing party impact in confined, intimate space and lots of cheers’ing. And while that’s not the angle Bed Supper Club is going with, and it does well providing a Western-esque club in Bangkok, we have a hard time endorsing the joint as a premiere party spot in Bangkok.

Is Bed Supper Club a pretty cool bar if you are looking for a very Westernized night? Of course. But people that consistently tout the club as Bangkok’s best when Bed Supper Club is the antithesis of Bangkok party style, we simply cannot look at the club as a gold standard of anything of notice or importance.

Beers run 210 baht here, cocktails 280 baht, or you can pop a bottle of Black Label for 4,100 baht.

Bed Supper Club
Location: 26 Sukhumvit Soi 11, most of the way down the soi before the T junction.
Mass transit: BTS Nana
Hours: 6 pm-2 am daily. From time to time, Bed goes dark on Mondays, but lately it’s been open.
Phone: 02-651-3537

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