Mogwai at Moonstar Studio

moonstar studioLots of interesting musical acts come through Bangkok so why not Mogwai, a Scottish post-rock band from the 90s. Their show at Moonstar Studios on Lat Phrao Soi 80 was a success if you consider five laconic Scots cranking out their sets donning Bruce Willis haircuts clinging to the glory days successful. Probably the best word to describe the concert: competent – an adjective we normally only prescribe to the Swiss and the security guards at our condo.

Some folks take issue with Mogwai insofar as their songs are lyric-less. We’re cool with instrumentals, but not the redundancy of the sound. It seemed as if the crowd was also unsure if they should rock out or just gently nod heads for a couple hours – the latter winning the crowds consensus. Mogwai is certainly loud and apparently their stark transition from light repetitive chorus to thrashing metal inspired a whole movement in Britain and Australia. That rapid crescendo of an experience is quite synonymous with watching CNN and then switching down a channel to Fox News.

Once again, the band played at Moonstar Studios on Lat Phrao Soi 80, which over the span of about two years has become one of the most popular venues in the capital. In addition to Mogwai, it has been the setting for shows by White Lies, The Whitest Boy Alive, and KohSpot’s vote for the best concert in Bangkok the last five years: Deadmau5. It was also supposed to host Ladytron, but the gig has since been rerouted to LED at RCA, formerly 808. This is a shame, as usually concerts are held at Studio 8 at Moonstar, which has multiple entry and exit points, room for alcohol vendors inside the building and ample toilets outside.

The Mogwai concert was moved to Studio 1 for some reason which is more of a death trap than Scratch Dog with one small doormoonstar studio for both entry and exit (pictured). It’s like no one learned anything from Santika. There were too few toilets and the sponsor, Chang, ran out of beer.

The word on the switch to Studio 1 and Ladytron’s flight to RCA is Moonstar is quite expensive. Of course Moonstar can charge any rate they think they can get. But essentially we’re talking about empty studio hangars here. You’d think venues with seating and bars and bathrooms installed would be more expensive.

KohSpot is quite fond of Moonstar Studio 8, but not the older, smaller hangars. We hope the management can find a reasonable rate for future gigs. And check out the Ladytron show—it looks like a good one.

Moonstar Studios
Location: Moonstar Studios is on Lat Phrao Soi 80, about halfway down to Pracha Uthit Road. The Ladytron concert is at LED at RCA.
Mass transit: taxi for Moonstar, motosai from Phetchaburi MRT for LED
Hours: 9 pm-2 am or later most nights
Phone: 087-600-0036 (We think this is Dudesweet, the concert promoter for Ladytron)

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