Met Bar – Models, Bottles and Disco Biscuits

Before Nahm started making headlines and drawing people to the Metropolitan metbar1Hotel, there was Met Bar. But don’t think Met Bar is taking a back seat to the posh/controversial new eatery. Actually this new restaurant/bar combo seems to be bringing a one-two punch to the Bangkok night-life.

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Met Bar is one of the only bars in Bangkok sporting a legit dance floor. A place where you can properly show off all those moves you’ve been practicing in the mirror (you know you all do it). Not only that, but while you are busting a move all over the place, Saturday Night Feverstyle, there will be a “2-Legit-2-Quit” disco ball hanging over your head. Get out the disco biscuits and your goldfish dancing shoes.

Met Bar has been known for its ever so haughty model’s night. That is no longer a special promotional night, but don’t think that stops the models from going. metbar2You will certainly run into some anorexic coke-heads, and they look damn hot with their pencil legs and B-class beauty.

In fact, the bar is a great backdrop for all the beautiful clientele. The blood red and charcoal chic decor is toned enough to be mysterious but classy enough to not be confused with a prohibition-era lounge bar. The “wine-dark walls” and gentle mood lighting juxtapose nicely with the perfect-pitch music. The seating is cleverly laid out as well so you have room to move around even when it’s crowded. Ambience: A+.

Fridays are home to a DJ from 102.5, so if you hate that station – don’t go. But they play pop music on Friday, which means people shred the dance floor. The other nights offer a rotating list of DJ’s and music styles, so check the website to be safe.

If you’re at Met Bar for a few drinks too many it will set you back a bit (280 baht per metbar3drink, and up), but the drinks are strong. The cocktail menu list is commanding and specialty drinks, while good, lack any real inventiveness. But who cares if your martini isn’t infused with hand picked Northern Vietnamese lychee? Focus on the disco ball and boogey.

To our female readers, we’ll put it this way – this is where Carrie and Miranda would hang out if they were Thai. Carrie would wear a weird hat and Miranda would get smashed out in the bathroom.

Met Bar is also perfect if there is a wait at Nahm Restaurant. It’s also perfect if the dinner date at Nahm went well and even more perfect if it didn’t – you can always pick up something new here.

Met Bar:
Address: The Metropolitan, 27 South Sathorn Road, Tungmahamek, Sathorn.
Between Sathorn Soi 1 – Soi 3 (Suan Plu), next entrance after Banyan Tree Hotel
MRT: Lumpini, 10 minute walk
BTS: Saladaeng, 20 minute walk; 5 minute taxi
Phone: 02-625-3333

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