KohSpot’d: Jennifer Yuan, Bangkok Fashion Designer

Jennifer Yuan Purse

KohSpot receives a lot of inquiries about fashion in Bangkok, so we sat down for an interview with Jennifer Yuan, a Bangkok-based designer of clothes, jewelry, handbags and whatever else strikes her fancy. She is currently designing a collection for Urban Outfitters.

KohSpot: How did you first get interested in design and fashion as a career?

Jennifer Yuan: It started when I worked for the Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts Chain in China. I was the PR Manager and had to provide a lot of corporate gifts and giveaways for our clientele. I had fun sourcing and designing gifts that were unique and thoughtful.  I scoured markets several times a month and often found myself in the Pearl Market known as Hong Qiao. It was there that my love for fashion and beautiful objects was ignited.

KS: What is the lead time from when you finish a sketch to the company turning out a product?

JY: Currently the lead time is only a month. The deadline is crazy short, but I now have the opportunity that I have always wanted. All my years of design and sourcing experience have really helped me to spot trends and change them to my liking and get them in the hands of many. While in some cities you have to research to find quality designers, in Bangkok I had them coming to me with offers. I can’t wait to see my designs on the shelves next fall!

KS: Where can people find your creations?

JY: The past couple of years, I have been designing leather handbags on a very small level and selling them on etsy. Previous to that I was all about jewelry and created pieces in all categories, price points and styles.

KS: How would you compare Bangkok fashion to other cities?

JY: I love Bangkok. You can really feel life in this city on all levels. Fashion on all levels as well.  Previously Japanese fashion was the focus and now Korean is predominant on the streets.  Aside from that, I notice that it is not just a select few that are “fashionable” here as in other countries. The reason is affordability. Everywhere you go here, there are watered down versions of the latest trend being sold for nothing on the streets. This allows everyone to participate in the so-called world of fashion.

You can find Jennifer’s leather bags at and her jewelry at

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