KohSpot Playlist, Vol. 4

KohSpot brings back its famed ‘KohSpot Playlist’ this week with summer samplings for our Northern Hemisphere readers and all around slamming good tunes for everyone else. If you’ve been missing the KohSpot playlist the last couple months, we apologize. The truth remains that the last few months KohSpot has been busy hustlin’, plottin’, globe-trottin’ and paper chasin’ which invariably meant we only listened to this song, on repeat – non-stop.

Now that we’ve slowed down a bit and got our pulse on what the kids with the tight pants are listening to we felt obliged to share.

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Dirty Gold, “California Sunrise”. We were shocked to learn that this song was put together by a few San Diego high-school kids; their ode to the Pacific sounds established, almost retro. We love the video as much as the song as it pulls at our heart-strings which still yearns for summer surfing, bbqs, outdoor living, sand-castles and beach balls.

Siberian, “Islands Forever”. This indie band out of Seattle sprouted to life in 2004 gaining considerable buzz and admiration dancing a delicate line between gorgeous pop melodies and whimsically composed sounds. Unfortunately, Siberian never gained much traction, fell-apart, but their music still lives on in our headphones, and hopefully now yours.

Architecture in Helsinki, “Escapee” We found the architecture in Helsinki to be a clash between Parisian and Russian structure with Nokia advertisements everywhere. Ironically, the indie-pop ensemble, Architecture in Helsinki, hails from Melbourne Australia, and we all know hipsters don’t have enough money to travel, so we’re curious on their namesake. In any event, this song off their fourth-album continues with their indie electro-pop sound that makes you want to kick off your Sunday shoes and embarrass your dog by dancing in the house.

Blue Scholars, “Seijun Suzuki”. If you’re a fan of hip-hop artists such as Common Market and Atmosphere, do yourself a public service and listen to what Blue Scholar (UW alum!) is offering up with their “true-school” hip-hop movement. Self-described as “blue collar intellectuals” their library is clever lyrics and funky beats. This music would revolutionize Bangkok’s 36-24-36 if played on a weekday night. For another sample, check it here.

Raphael Saadiq, “100 Yard Dash” Drum taut, rubbery bass lines, clap-happy tambourines, and soulful lyrics all works together for Saadiq as he attempts to steal the retro-soul throne from the wildly talented, but seriously insane Amy Winehouse. Fat Gutz, this one is all yours.

Fleet Foxes, “Helplessness Blues” A band that moves you through their songs with unpretentious grace, fascinating story-telling with inviting melodies and intricate musical carves has finally released this follow-up album to their EP and LP released in 2008. Lots of expectations on this band which lead to riffs in the members, creative melt-downs and the stress of perfection all paid off in what’s been lauded by most music pundits as one of the best albums of 2011. WTF, pick up this album.

K is for Kelson, “Bibio”. While this UK producer won’t resonate with all listeners, we like its summer-electronica vibe and wanted to leave this playlist on an upbeat, space-level, note. Best listened on a long BTS ride watching people scurry in and off of the train like frantic ants.

Till next time, stay audibly organic, Bangkok.

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