KohSpot November 2010 Playlist

A few months ago, we at KohSpot wrote a scathing review of the ever-popular WTF Bar. In it we blasted their soundtrack to that of a “mixtape made at a fraternity” filled with Indie Rocker hits from 2005. Tough words. However, not one to critique without providing superior recommendations, KohSpot has decided to put together a monthly “Playlist” article offering readers and regulars the chance to enjoy the soundtrack of our lives.

November 2010 Playlist (in no particular order):

1) Fitz and the Tantrums, “Winds of Change”. This ultra-soulful, Motown-ready indie band is fronted by a talented young American with a super hot back-up singer. Most likely to be played at spot like Tuba in Bangkok.

2) Andrew Bird, “Fake Palindromes”. A kaleidoscope of musical sound and known for his mystical whistling and violin skills, Andrew Bird is the type of artist that will take your eardrums to all sorts of exciting places. Put him on your iPod the next time you stroll JJ Market.

3) Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, “Dreadlocks in the Moonlight”. Known by multiple alias, Perry is a legend in the dub and reggae circles and embodies the laid back vibe best listened to while cruising down the Chao Phraya tourist boat on a lazy weekend.

4) Ice Cube, “Nothing Like LA”. Rappin about the Taj Mahal, Spain and Prague, Ice Cube still can’t find a city that compares to LA. Come to BKK Ice Cube! Play this early in the night before hittin’ the clubs.

5) Singto Numchok, “Ting”. Up and coming surf-rocker straight out of Bangkok. Its only a matter of time until Singto replaces the musical dominance of Jack Johnson on Khao San Road.

6) Cold War Kids, “Hang me up to Dry”. No need for any introduction after making a huge splash the last couple years in the indie-scene, this is type of music you’d be happy to hear while sipping a deliciously blended Hyde and Seek cocktail.

7) Far East Movement, “Like a G6″. We once told the BKK Invaders that Beyonce’s Single Ladies would soon dominate the BKK club scene (this was right when it came out) and was ridiculed. We got the last laugh on that one and are claiming this track as the next hot RCA track.

8 ) The National, “Apartment Story”. Baritone vocalist emerging out of the post-punk movement takes inspiration from American country, blues and Britpop. Their 2010 release, High Violet, is fantastic.

9) Delta Spirit, “People C’mon”. Jogging that popular line of alt-country and indie rock, Delta Spirit is the type of song you’d hear getting half-played at Iron Fairies where high-lyrics provide the drug-induced patrons with something to consider.

10) Kings of Convenience, “Know How”. Bergen based rock sensation churns out amazing tracks despite nominal commercial success. You’d be pressed to hear this at a bar, but would compliment a fusion dinner quite nicely. Soul Food?

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