KohSpot January 2011 Playlist

2010 presented the world with a wide assortment of great albums, emerging artists and established artists pushing the experimental limits (Kanye West and Bon Iver?) of musical creation. For the most part it worked and the playlist of our lives moved in positive and progressive directions. We’re thrilled to see what’s in store in 2011.

Quite honestly, we regret that there isn’t more Thai music making our charts, but we have been been turned off by the mass-manufactured and homogenous nature of most of what we’ve heard recently. Prove us wrong by hooking us up with some progressive musicians you guys are hearing out of Bangkok.

Here’s to a great 2011: musically, individually and globally.

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1) Lupe Fiasco, “Show Goes On”. This Chicago based Muslim MC put out this track late last year and is finally starting to get blown up on the BKK airwaves. While a lot of clubs spin Thaitanium’s “Sud Kob Fah” when closing down for the night, we see this track getting some closing-time love from Bangkok DJ’s in 2011. We’re all for it.

2) Janelle Monae, “Tightrope”. Blasting into the music world in May 2010, Janelle Monae gleefully zips from genre to genre in her music with such a graceful poise and tightness you’d be hard pressed to believe this is her debut album. She nails the subtleties of rapping while never losing touch with her beautiful, soulful harmonies. We could go on and on about her, but we’ll let her lyrical joyful hit single, Tightrope, do the jiving for us.

3) Band of Horses, “Funeral”.  We always loved this song. When our friend sent us the link to this video juxtaposed with some “inspired bicycling” we pretty much poop’d our pants with excitement. We’d love to see this being projected at Charlermthai Bar in Town-n-Town.

4) Sufjan Stevens, “Age of Adz.” For those of you dudes out there that have ever woke up with a mystery companion in your bed after a night of partying and wondered how to rid yourself of said visitor, play this Sufjan Stevens song at high volumes and the room will be yours in no time. The opening minute induces a lot of fear in a really creative and orchestrated way that works for the astute listener and appreciator of  music.

5) Cultz, “Go Outside”. Any song with a prelude on the xylophone is righteous in our books. You might want to bump this song on your iPod the next time you’re at The Londoner as its subliminal message of ‘going outside’ is probably in line with your near future.

6) Deerhunter “Coronado.” The frontman for Deerhunter, Bradford Cox, is an experimental noise rocker with Marfan Sydnrome, a genetic disorder that creates abnormally long bodily limbs. This song feels oddly like a Strokes song we’ve heard before and is likely turning on The Smith’s Bar soundsystem as you read this.

7) MGMT, “Flash Delirium. Electro-rock group MGMT released their sophomore album in 2010 to much acclaim. Taking a more deliberate and demanding approach to song building, this track does a good job of showcasing MGMT’s ability to sound other-worldly without losing itself in contorted direction. We’ve heard this track being played in between sets at Stu-Fe.

8 ) SHAD, “Rose Garden.” Clever lyrics, foot-tapping hooks, sick beats, Kenyan born, a pinch of self-deprecation, a deep knowledge of the history of hip-hop and his place in that cosmos all wraps together in the form of Shad, a fine gentleman. In fact, the only thing we have against him is that he’s Canadian. Check out the video paying homage to Pharcyde. Drop.

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