Is Techno Dead? 808 at RCA Answers our Question

Is techno dead?

Of course it is. It has been dead for a while now but some DJ’s in Bangkok aren’t8081 getting the hint, nor are the clubs that employ them. Enter Thursdays at 808 Club on RCA.

If you check the 808 website it says Thursdays are home to some techno DJ and Thai-French super model, Odette Jacqmin. Also, premier Thursdays at 808 advertises all you can drink for 390 baht. Sounds worth checking out, right? Wrong.

Why would you go to a techno night anyway, we ask? Three reasons come to mind.

  1. 390 baht all you can drink. Even if it is techno, everybody knows 808 has outdoor seating/smoking.  Just hang out there all night drinking basically for free with your buddies then go to Slim and dry hump chicks on the dance floor.
  2. Odette. What super model goes to a club by herself? Every super model hangs with hot friends. Who wouldn’t deal with techno for a night when there is a huge chance of super models on E? And that brings us nicely to reason three.
  3. Ecstasy. Though this route will likely find you at Bossy or Bang Kwang prison by 5am.

But 808 is full of shit.  There are no drink specials on Thursday at 808 and definitely no Odette, even worse; not one girl. Actually there was no one at all and it’s because of techno.

Let’s take a look at the surrounding bars. Slim was turning American hip-hop a la BKK Invaders. It had a good crowd. The other room had a Thai band with a nice crowd as well. Route 66′s Thai band area was packed – hip hop room had about 50 people. Taksura held its own with Thai music played at a low volume and enough people to justify the cost of opening its doors. Even the coffee shop across the street had a nice crowd.

Come on 808, give up. First it isn’t the 90′s and second this isn’t Copenhagen. So is techno really dead? Looks like it, at least before 1am.  During the first hour 808 was opened only one drink was served and that was a freebie to a guy who eventually wrote an article telling people not to go to 808 on Thursdays.

Fire your promoter 808, higher Bangkok Invaders and put Odette in a bikini. Otherwise just stay closed and stop lying on your website.

Address: RCA Block C Rama IV Road Bangkok Thailand

Phone: N/A

Buses:22, 60, 71, 93, 137, 168, and the infamous 501

MRT: Petchaburi, then taxi

BTS: Thonglor, then taxi

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