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Until recently, Yoga had never been a highly popular activity for Thai people living in Bangkok who typically preferred the likes of aerobics and tai chi for their cardiovascular and health maintenance.  With boutique Yoga studios opening up in swanky neighborhoods, a new-age mentality of health and well-being has begun to testpermeate amongst the younger hi-so Bangkokians and female foreigners. We thought it would be good to interview one of the city’s hottest Yoga Studios, Absolute Yoga to learn more about this emerging health trend.

KohSpot: How many Absolute Yoga studios are there?

Absolute Yoga: We have 8 locations around Thailand and two in Singapore.

KohSpot: What type of Yoga do you specialize in?

Absolute Yoga: We don’t specialize in one type of Yoga, we have classes in so many forms of yoga – Hot Yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, and even Pilates. We have classes tailored for beginners and experts.

KohSpot: Wow, I didn’t know that many styles of Yoga existed. What’s your favorite pose?

Absolute Yoga: I really love breathing into my full lotus extensions?

KohSpot: Excuse me?

Absolute Yoga: Arai na ka?

KohSpot: Nevermind. I know a lot of guys that think Yoga girls are pretty cute, do you have many male foreigner customers as regulars looking to meet chicks?

Absolute: (laughter) No, they aren’t regulars. Many times farang will come one time, realize how hard Yoga is and leave very tired.

KohSpot: Yea, sounds like my previous experiences with Yoga. Have you ever seen a love connection at Absolute Yoga between two yogis?

Absolute Yoga: We have two girls that have started a relationship after meeting and getting to know each other in their hot yoga course.

KohSpot: That’s amazing. What are your rates for a single session?

Absolute Yoga: For non-members its 650 for a drop-in class.

KohSpot: So, Yoga for rich people?

Absolute Yoga: A little bit. We have very nice showers and locker rooms along with the best studios and teachers that instruct in both English and Thai. That’s why we charge so much.

KohSpot: Anything else you’d like to share with our KohSpot readers?

Absolute Yoga: Can I give the website?

KohSpot: No doubt.

Absolute Yoga: Nameste.

Check out Absolute Yoga for more information, scheduling and locations:
Website :

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