Insomnia. Bangkok’s newest after-hours club.

Insomnia has been a staple of Pattaya’s night life for some time. It claims to be the best and cheapest in Pattaya, but there’s an amputee ladyboy named Ploy at the end of Walking Street who literally begs to differ.

Now the iconic Pattaya dance club wants to test the klong waters of Bangkok. But the question remains, You can take the bar out of Pattaya, but can you take the Pattaya out of the bar?

Insomnia is nestled down Sukhumvit Soi 12. At first glance its nothing more than a warehouse painted black, but once you see the velvet rope you know this place must be high class (sarcasm implied). The entrance way is crowded with people if you arrive after 2am. This isn’t necessarily because of the popularity of Insomnia; it is really because the girls working the door have no idea what’s happening. It takes about 10 minutes to pay and get stamped.

Once inside Insomnia doesn’t disappoint. The venue is big and has ample room to dance your heart out. The music is crazy loud which keeps the late-night party-goers energized and the neighbors pissed off. The DJ booth is huge and there’s a lounge area with booths to pop bottles. All the action is down on the dance floor, though, where loads of good and bad entertainment ensue.

It’s been a disappointing trend the last couple years in the Bangkok club scene witnessing most after-hours spots succumb to hookers. With Bangkok Invaders headlining opening night, rumors and excitement flourished that this late-night venue would be hooker-free. Alas, the clientele appears to be increasingly centered around old Europeans dancing with enthusiastic working girls. Great if you’re into that, but disappointing if you wanted something more than the usual Spicey or Bossy catalogues of after-hour joints.

The cover charge at Insomnia is 300 baht for dudes and includes one drink. Ladies get in for 100 baht and can take advantage of some great drink prices. However, if you are a girl with a farang (hanging out or even talking) drink prices go up to full price, no exceptions, even if the guy is your husband. And we thought the Route 66 farang-tax was bad.

In conclusions, Insomnia has proven that you can take the bar out of Pattaya but you can never take the Pattaya out of the bar.

KohSpot is desperately hoping for an after-hour venue to open up that caters to a non-hooker crowd. We like Whip on Thong Lor, but the crowds are too much. Any readers have any suggestions on good after-hour spots? If so, let us know about it in the comment section below.

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