Indie Rockers Unite at NoSpace: RCA for non-RCA types

Q: How many hipsters does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: Some abstract number that nobody has ever heard of.

Ok, before we alienate our audience anymore we want to let everyone know that KohSpot likes to have a good time and we hope you do too.  So sit back, relax and enjoy the different flavors of Bangkok. This city never tasted so good.

Are you looking for a place to hang out and listen to a rocking indie band after you’ve watched an indie movie at House RCA and before you hang with your indie friends at Bar 23? Well, if you are cool then you have probably already partied at NoSpace bar before it even opened. Kudos. For those who haven’t heard of NoSpace, are a little slow on the hipster haps, or still having having second thoughts on purchasing jeans that resemble spandex, then we encourage you to read on.

NoSpace is a unique venue in that they are pushing quality over quantity by only opening it doors for special exhibitions and events – so exclusive. Luckily, NoSpace typically has either an art exhibition or musical performance taking place on most weekends, which can be found listed on their website at or by revisiting for updates : )

So what is NoSpace all about? Bank aka Cash Money, the manager, said NoSpace prefers experimental music acts, especially those utilizing noise. What a coincidence, we like people who utilize noise too! He envisions the gallery as a place for artists who often have no space, hence the name. In a bold move Bank relocated NoSpace from Sukhumvit Soi 71 to RCA eight months ago in hopes of attracting a wider, more eclectic crowd.  The move appears to be paying off for Mr. Cash Money as the crowd at NoSpace is diverse, spunky and looking beyond the standardized BKK club scene for a good time. Very refreshing.

What’s the vibe? When entering the NoSpace gallery you will most likely be convinced that you have entered a bleak Scandinavian performance act piece. We are still tying to figure out if that is a good or bad, but at the very least its a unique presentation when compared to the cookie cutter establishments in the surrounding area. The tone is minimalist, and except for a few surrealist doodles on the walls, everything is white. The artist in us appreciated the thought put into the aesthetics while the partier in us was wondering when the flashing lights would come on.

What tunes is NoSpace slamming? As mentioned above, NoSpace caters to bands that typically get no love at other more popular establishments.  Past musicians range from indie rockers to poetry readers so its really best to check the schedule  for what strikes your fancy. NoSpace has CDs of dozens of past artists who have performed there for sale, but we highly recommend trying to catch a live performance as the experience is similar watching a band’s studio session (see pic). Very cool.

The bar leaves quite a bit to be desired, but once again this is an art venue not a bar per se. NoSpace does serve up Tiger Beer (80baht) for those who are thirsty, but that is about it.  Come to NoSpace for intriguing art exhibits, experimental music, interesting people and overall a good time.  Congrats Indie rockers, you have done it again.


Location: 21/108 Block D of RCA
Nospace is in the middle section of RCA’s main drag sharing the same complex as Cosmic Café. It is across the street from the old 7-Eleven, close to Old Leng, not the new one across from Route 66. The gallery doesn’t front the road, it is the next row of buildings back.
Mass transit: MRT to Phetchaburi, then cab, motosai or bus to RCA
Hours: Open for exhibitions and events only, check the website
Phone: 084-134-1184

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