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Sitting in the Nokia First Class lounge at the Paragon, sipping Bombay Sapphire prior to being personally escorted to a movie seat large enough to comfortably accommodate an orca whale is just about the perfect film viewing experience.

But there is only so many times you can enjoy mega-million dollar budget blockbuster movies – the only movies they seem to show at 99% of the theaters in Bangkok. For those yearning for indie films, head to House RCA, a boutique cinema with weekly rotations of films ranging from Cantonese dramas to obscure French Films and everything in between.

House RCA features two screening rooms that have a very utilitarian feel to them with plush pleather seats and wooden floors. The hum of the projector in the theatre is whimsical and feels like an anachronism in these days of digital everything, we love it. House RCA has comprehensive distribution license for all of Saha Mongkol’s titles, which provides them with an incredible selection of great films.  Tickets are a steal at 100 baht, and while their website is a good way to stay on top of showings, its best to call ahead or just show up with some flexibility as House RCA is notorious for mixing up their scheduling.

House RCA is much more than just a boutique indie cinema; they also have a wonderful Film Library with a huge wall filled with indie films subtitled in Thai for purchase. Appended to their Film Library is their DVD Library and membership program. Check this – for 10 baht, you get a lifetime membership to House RCA’s DVD library. There is no charge for borrowing DVDs (they accept donations), but they limit you to three movies at a time. The titles are a bit limited for their membership program, but we adore the effort and generous pricing structure.

Between the Film library and the theatres is a large café with a long waist high table and plenty of couches where you can sip espresso with friends waxing philosophical about the allegory of Plato’s Cave in relation to film. They also have wifi in the café, but it will cost you 50 baht for the password.

We can’t remember a screening at House RCA that has had more than 10 other moviegoers joining us for the viewing, but with operations spanning 7 years, they must be doing something right.

House RCA will be screening Miranda July’s 2005 hit Me, You and Everyone We Know (special 80 baht) this week, a poetic film making observations on how people struggle to connect with one another in an isolating and contemporary world. With Miranda July’s upcoming film, The Future, which has been described as “spiritual in its strangeness,” coming to House RCA in late-August, it’s a great way to get in the spirit of her work as a writer, director and actor.

House RCA, we thank you for what you’re doing.

House RCA
Rama 9, third floor in the same building as Tops
Phone: 02-641-5177-8

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