Glow: A Flickering Light in the BKK Club Scene.

There are some venues that people just love or hate. Bed Supperclub is one of them, Wong’s Place and Overstay keep the debates heated, and even Spicy has its defenders. Ah Spicey, you dirty dog!

KohSpot respects these establishments as they amass a loyal following one way or another, but with Glow we feel a bit lost on how to approach it’s fledgling followers.  Glow has some potential, but it certainly could improve in a few areas.

Dubbing itself “Bangkok’s only real underground club”, Glow is situated on Sukhumvit Soi 23 not far from Narz. It has a DJ every night, sometimes even international acts, so we have to respect Glow’s attempts at dropping bass bombs and giving club goers a personalized clubbing experience.

Another area that Glow excels at is providing a solid sound system. If you’re going to be bringing the cuts, you’ve got to have the equipment, and Glow passes the bar on this count as well, with new speakers and turntables and 1.21 gigawats of raw power. Don’t sleep on the gigawats! Even the cocktail list is exhaustive to the point of overkill, with absinthe and single malt going for 400 baht. So why are we sipping on hate-o-raid and informing our four readers that Glow really isn’t that cool? Read on our dear friends.

Glow struggles to set itself apart from the competition. Plain and simple. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: unless you’re doing something really innovative as a DJ, like say, Deadmau5 (appearing this week in Bangkok) or the Paradise Bangkok duo at ZudRangMa Records, it doesn’t matter what country you’re brought in from—your music will sound ordinary at best and like trip hop nation at worst.  Innovation drives capitalism and running a bar is a business.  See the connection?

Another small gripe is that KohSpot’s crew includes two midgets and one giant. Our abnormally tall friend has a terrible time with the ridiculous design of Glow. If you are 6’1” (185 centimeters) or taller, you will surely hit your head on one of their I-beams during the course of the night. Furthermore, women in high heels will appreciate that they have to climb two stories to reach a toilet (cue sarcasm), but most nights this is a moot point as Glow’s a sausage fest (see pics).

For décor, the club has decided to go with an all-black theme, which could work if you wanted a cool dungeon vibe, except Glow fails to elaborate upon this theme. Perhaps another missed opportunity to set themselves apart from the crowd? To add to the atmosphere there is a projector running a loop of damaged film upon a wall of the bar, which the kids at Club Culture would most likely label as ‘found art’. The last time we visited Glow the farang/Thai ratio was 80/20, but bartender Nina said it depends on what type of music is playing.

Give Glow a whirl and tell KohSpot what you think of the place. We could use the help.

Location: 96/4-5 Sukhumvit Soi 23. Take your first right on Soi 23, at the corner with Giusto’s, then your first left, and it is 10 meters down the soi.
Mass transit: BTS Asok and MRT Sukhumvit
Hours: 9 pm-2 am Monday through Thursday, 9 pm-4 am Friday and Saturday. Closed Sundays.
Phone: 02-261-4446
Website :

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