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If anyone was young and in Bangkok circa 2003-2006 there was one universal truth of partying at RCA – you were bound to meet and likely hook-up with a beautiful, rich, English-speaking, car-owning, outgoing Thai girl just by showing up and being a foreigner. No exaggeration. On your typical party night at RCA in 2012, it couldn’t be more different.  Farang-tax to enter on the weekends, hookers on the dance-floor, and an aggressive club mentality exuded by a lot of foreign party-goers straight from the Lonely Planet makes RCA a bit of a drag.

One must wonder, though, where did the beautiful, rich, English-speaking, car-owning, outgoing Thai girls go after their mass exodus from RCA? The answer: Funky Villa.

Funky Villa is located on Thong Lor Soi 10 (also Ekamai Soi 5) and was built when they expanded the area behind and adjacent to Muse to include artificial turf soccer fields, restaurants (including Ramen Champions), a McDonalds (genius), a huge parking lot, Demo and much more. The development has been a wild success.

One thing you need to know about Funky Villa is that its packed almost every night of the week with the city’s hi-so crowd. Its extremely competitive to even get a table. The last weekend KohSpot went to Funky Villa a friend of ours had arrived at 7pm to save a good table for our group. What a good friend. If you go on a week day, you’ll likely be able to snag a table in the main party area if you arrive around 10pm, and if you are looking for a premium table next to some cute girls or handsome lads, a 200 baht tip slipped to the seating staff goes a long way.

As you enter Funky Villa there’s a broad outdoor patio that allows for smoking, mingling, or managing your gig situation for the night on the phone. You can also set-up shop with your bottle outside as there are plenty of tables and oversized chairs for a more chill type of party experience while not sacrificing the exposure to the hot chicks.

Entering the building there is a welcome bar on the right and a foyer that leads to another small bar on the left. A few people may hang out here to escape the crush, but most keep going for the inner sanctum where the party people get down.

The crowd at Funky Villa is young, beautiful, well-dressed and moneyed.

The difference between Funky Villa and the RCA of yesteryear, though, is the self-obsessed chip on the shoulder of many of the Thai patrons. Warning to the guys: Bring a ridiculous amount of game if you want to meet girls at Funky Villa, and even then cross your fingers. It’s hard to break those beauties from their personal infatuation with themselves and iPhone obsession. Your best bet is probably to strike conversation in the outside patio. Be smooth, play it cool. It can be done.

Bottles are reasonable for that part of town with Red Label running 1,500 baht. The music is the typical mix of Thai pop with DJs playing hip hop during the interludes, though they sometimes get big name bands like Thaitanium or Calories Blah Blah to perform.

Funky Villa has been the “it” place for a couple years now, and while we don’t see it losing its edge anytime soon, we truly believe that one day Funky Villa will begin to fade as a new hot and trendy club that attracts the fickle loyalty of the hi-so masses emerges. Right now it seems like the trend is moving towards Community Mall type spots with cocktails, wine bars and brew spots such as Seen Space and CDC, but that doesn’t stop Funky Villa from still being one of the dominating forces in Bangkok party.

Until then, “Chon Gaew” Funky Villa, you’re a legend!

Funky Villa
Location: Thong Lor Soi 10, about 200 meters down just behind Muse in what looks like a large strip mall.
BTS: Thong Lor or Ekamai, then taxi or motosai
Hours: 6 pm-2 am daily
Phone: 02-711-6970

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