Escobar – Packing a Punch for Local Bangkokians

Escobar is a relatively small club nestled in the heart of Ekkamai night life. The clubs is awash in au courant club offerings from expensive furnishings to exotic drinks and attracts what some may deem as an ultra hip clientele – get ready to boogie. If dancing isn’t your forte then KohSpot recommends arriving early enough (pre 22:00) to secure one of the coveted tables or couches that screams ‘I’m in VIP!’ when really you are not (see below). A tip: the second floor offers some much needed breathing room and great crowd watching when things get too hot and heavy on the dance floor.

Local DJ’s spit out a spattering of genres ranging from Hip Hop to house/techno. One particular night we even heard the BeeGees blaring through the speakers, but we were also high on ecstasy and may or may not have had headphones on at the time. There really is now way of knowing. Escobar is clearly run by a male who loves football (Soccer for our American readers) as the Television above the DJ’s head is constantly showing the latest football matches. Listen up gentlemen, you can party and not have to worry about missing out on any of the action. Well…depending on what action we’re talking about.

The scene is similar to a playboy Mansion party except there are no playboy models. Television stars, famous rich kids and lot’s of pseudo socialites frequent Escobar on Friday and Saturday nights. Everyone (except for that one weirdo in the corner) is here to have a good time and most people are cutting a rug by midnight.  You have to love partying in the City of Angels.

A little known fact is that Escobar is actually three floors of fun, but no mere mortal is allowed in the VIP penthouse room atop. The room is only reserved for daras and drugs. Seriously don’t even try to go up there, especially if you flash your business card that displays you are a journalist for a reputable website. They hate that.

The real secret at Escobar is the newly renovated back room. It looks and feels like VIP as you have your own room and people may mistake you for one of those actors in that one movie. Call ahead to reserve or ask your waiter/bartender if you can hang out in the back room and pop bottles – no greasing palms needed.

Escobar, for those of you with rides, offers valet parking. which is important as a parking spot on Ekamai on a weekend night is about as common as big foot showing up  to your house party with a sixpack of beer. Enjoy

Address: 217/1-3 Ekamai Bangkok, 10110 Thailand
Phone: 02-711-6565
BTS: Thonglor, then a taxi

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