Ekkamai Takes Five: Happy Monday

Hey KohSpotters, are you ready for a chill atmosphere, DJs with real vinyl and not an iPad, and cheap flasks of SangSom? Just follow us to Happy Monday on Bangkok’s very own Ekamai Soi 10.

Despite being about a 15-minute walk from the see-and-be-seen aesthetic at Penny’s Balcony and SeenSpace, Happy Monday feels like it’s in a different universe.

Don’t get KohSpot wrong, we cause quite a scene when we pull up in our blue Lambo as well, but Happy Monday is all about sharing a great moment with friends, meeting new friends, and every 15 minutes or so commenting, “Wow, I haven’t heard this song in ages.”

Perhaps it’s the venue. The mini-mall at the corner of Ekkamai soi 10 has much to attract the artier denizens of this oft-neglected soi. Whether it is the tasty crepes at Crepes Corner, the java and WiFi at Blue Door, or even the occasional star-gazing at Small Room record label, this mall attracts a more independent crowd. So it should not be surprising that the one bar in the mall draws fans of Grandmaster Flash and Queen.

Happy Monday is small, and there’s barely room to sit inside when a DJ starts cutting on the wheels of steel, but the place more than makes up for it by constantly renovating and reconfiguring the layout and outside seating at Happy Monday is always pleasant.

At our most recent visit KohSpot cozied up to Dusit Silakong, one of the organizers of the World Film Festival of Bangkok, and we pondered what the term independent film really meant in today’s context and why Bangkok hasn’t been able to develop a world-renowned film festival. Yes, corruption was a topic.  You never know who you may meet while cozying up at Happy Monday.

SangSom only costs 280 baht for a small bottle. Music obviously changes per DJ, but in regular rotation now is DJ Ti, a homey from way back in the days of erstwhile Blues Bar on Sarasin Road.

If you’re looking for a remedy from the flash of Nung Len and the mid-so snobbery of some Thong Lor joints, pull up a chair at Happy Monday.

Happy Monday
Location: Mall at Ekkamai Soi 10, on the ground floor and furthest to the left in the complex.
Mass transit: BTS Ekkamai
Hours: 7 pm-1 am Monday to Saturday. Closed Sunday.
Phone: 02-714-3935

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