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volk bar bangkokWhere do Thai office workers in the Siam area go to eat loads of small Thai dishes while drinking themselves into tomorrow’s hangover with groups of attractive friends on the cheap?

Volk Bar in the Co-Co Walk Plaza undernear the Rachathewi BTS station is where.

For those of you living in Bangkok for a few years, you probably remember the Volkswagon Bus that was converted into a cocktail bar on Ram Buttri, the chilled out soi northwest of Khao San Road. With 70 baht cocktails and liberal alcohol pours it was a hard place (or an easy depending on how many you drank) to forget. That was the original site of the cleverly named and very popular Volk Bar.

Opening in 1999, Volk Bar served up cocktails to backpackers for almost a decade before the landlord pulled the plug on the lease and forced the owner, P’Ae, to rev up his engine and get his VW Bus-bar outta dodge.

After a long sought research period on potential replacement locations, P’Ae stumbled across an old wooden housevolk bar bangkok peddling tailored suits underneath the Rachathewi BTS stop, across from the Asia hotel. He made an offer on the house and refurbished the entire property ¬†into a two-story bar/restaurant with a large patio all for the bargain price of 3 million baht. Soon enough the VW bus was back (sadly, its now gone) and Volk Bar reopened with a menu expanded to offer much more than just cocktails that included almost every Thai dish imaginable, beer, hookah and farang finger foods.

Aiming to attract the youthful Thai market P’Ae decided to undercut all the competitors prices with killer drink specials such as 2-for-1 jugs of Kamikaze cocktails for just 300 baht ¬†along with bottles of Johnny Walker Red Label for the ridiculous price of 799 baht for drinkers arriving before 9pm. Coming after 9pm? The prices are still great with a a bottle of Black ringing up at 1200 baht (1000 for Red) and any of the 123 cocktails they serve-up just 100-120 baht. Dangerous.

Volk Bar has a large patio outside with white wooden tables where beer ‘pretties’ dressed in mini-skirts make sure your drink always stays full. The inside is rather small with the downstairs carrying about 6 or so tables and a small stage where a live Thai band plays every night of the week. Upstairs dons a pool table, interesting art and some of the most comfortable sofas we’ve come across in a bar of its caliber.

Looking for a new business idea?

One of the more unique things that Volk Bar does is offer up its secret-formula for VW bar success to outside entrepreneurs. If you’ve got an extra 500,000 baht laying around, P’Ae will personally get you set-up with your own converted VW bus fully stocked with the first round of alcohol, design your menu and teach a team of bartenders how to make every drink on offer. He’s done this for a bar in Pattaya and one in Phuket. Of course you need to have your location and licenses in place, but given his proven success the price is a steal.

Keep in mind that Bangkok bar years are similar to dog years – one equals seven – which means P’Ae’s Volk Bar is like 84.

Come on your birthday and get a free birthday cake along with 10% off your entire bill.

Volk Bar
Co-Co Walk Plaza 89/70
Underneath the BTS Rachathewi BTS station near Rock Bar

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