Viva Aviv: Riverside Bar and Restaurant

When we first heard about Viva Aviv opening its “naval themed and pirate inspired bar” on the concrete banks of the Chao Phraya river we instantly conjured up visions of swashbuckling pirates, rum bottles, fist fights over treasure and a chronic case of scurvy. Pirates are the coolest. Alas, Viva Aviv is nothing more than a fashionable and slightly quirky bar and bistro with a prime location at the River City Shopping complex. Looks like KohSpot is going to have to open a real pirate bar with real pirates (Somalians?). In the meantime, we will review Viva Aviv.

Viva Aviv is Hyde & Seek on a river. Oh, it’s the same owners? Got it. We arrive at Viva Aviv with the thirst and hunger one can only acquire after hours of flying around on a water powered jet pack. “It’s happy hourrrr” the cute yet slightly duckish looking waitress informs us. “Great, we’ll take ten”. Consumption is our duty as citizens of a capitalism. Viva Aviv follows a similar cocktail path as Hyde & Seek, offering coffees by the popular Doi Chaang, a robust wine list and creative cocktail creations. We sample the drink of the week, which is nothing more than your basic rum and coke for 199B. Dissapointing. Yet, there are other options that are backed with a more imaginative twists such as the Sailor’s Grog 300B (Appleton white and special rum, tropical fruit and spices).

Food at Viva Aviv is well executed yet predictable. Snacks like the corquet balls 180B (creamy mushroom risotto deep-fried and served with an understated yogurt sauce are delightful, but the Wine Companion 280B (various cheeses, cold cuts and olives) is dilapidated in rations and vagrant in presentation. The real winner is the Caliente + Perro at 225B (chorizo, rum braised onions and paprika-aioli on a soft bun). Our Taste buds approve.

Viva Aviv is gaining traction as the go-to spot for Sunday partying. With a lively atmosphere, sunset gazing and an attractive crowd we can see why. The party is called Kolour.

Why did the Pirate go to the Apple store?
To buy an iPatch!

Sorry, we are still thinking of pirates.

Viva Aviv
Location: River City – Unit 118, 23 Trok Rongnamkhaeng, Yota Road, Talad Noi, Sampantawong, Bangkok 10100, Thailand.
Mass Transit: River Taxi. Si Phraya Pier.
Hours: Varies, check website and special events.
Phone: +66 (0) 2639 6305

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