Tonson Market and The Bangkok Soup Company

Bangkok is famous and adorned for tiny street markets.

So to single one out is always an exercise in futility. But Tonson Market, at the end of Soi Tonson, is worth nothing as its not only buried with fashionable threads, dope boat shoes and knock-off versions of our Hublot, but also has a playful and fun attitude, a sign its not taking itself too seriously despite its up-market address. Its also worth noting as its home to one of our favorite soup spots in Bangkok.

The signpost at the entrance of TonSon pointing the direction of Milan, Venice and Soho (incorrectly, mind you) hints at this playfulness, and there are some really good bargains to be had here in interesting cuts. In particular, Canta, just to the right as you enter, has been lauded by our farang girl friends as amazingly fashionable and progressive.

Like many markets, most of the clothes here are for women, petite women. Luckily for the men, the Bangkok Soup Company is just to the right of the entrance making Tonson a great place to go even if fashion and shopping ain’t your thing. The Bangkok Soup company is seriously delicious. As you would expect in Bangkok, the soup is served up by an overly kind lady ladling up four kinds of soup at only 30-35 baht per bowl. This is one of the best deals in town.

At The Bangkok Soup Company (or is it called Matupayas, hard to tell), matupayas is their best seller and is also the heartiest, coming with brown rice, barley, millet, oat, wheat, mung bean and lotus seed. Made with low-fat milk instead of cream, this is more like a cereal and the company certainly sells it as such on their Facebook page, extolling the virtues of its health benefits.

The mushroom soup was also a winner, though it was more a puree as it lacked any mushroom chunks. This bowl earns points for a lack of salt, a real problem even at fancy hotel restaurants.

While it sells croutons, the one thing The Bangkok Soup Company could use is big chunks of crusty bread for dipping. Pumpkin is also in regular rotation.

The market and surrounding street food stalls are packed daily with office workers—they know a good bargain when they see it. Just don’t spill the soup on your fresh new threads.

Tonson Market
Location: 99 Soi Tonson, all the way down the soi from Rama I Road, just before Lumpini Park actually, although the soi doesn’t connect to Salasin Road. The market is on the left-hand side as you walk from the BTS.
Mass transit: Equidistant from Chitlom or Phloen Chit BTS. About a 15-minute walk from the bak soi, but motosai are available.
Hours: 8:30 am-5 pm Monday to Friday for the market, 8:30 am-2 pm Monday to Friday for Matupayas.
Phone: 085-151-4885 (Matupayas)
Website: or

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