The Water Library – Poppin’ H20 Bottles

Before we get started…

Penn and Teller, two US comedian/magicians, are hosts of a television show called Bullshit.  The show demonstrates how wacky, trite and flimflam things are woven into American society on a daily basis; hence the title. One episode featured water bars where every customer was told the water was from a different part of the world, how it was bottled, and why it cost more than pair of sneakers. Of course every customer agreed with the waiter; “Oh yes, this water is cleaner than the last one.” and “Oh I love this one from Fiji it taste so crisp and gives me energy.” Huh? All the water was from a hose in the back of the restaurant. Pure folly.

Enter the Water Library…

The Water Library is located in Chamchuri Square on Rama IV Road behind the illustrious Chulalongkorn University.  This is an unusual location for a water bar.  Anyone with an advanced degree or at least a basic understanding of logic would reference the aforementioned television show and realize the concept of a water bar makes about the same sense as dating a hooker.


The Water Library is nice in a “we are trying too hard” type of way.  Circular in shape with a pompous and sophomoric style that is fitting for customers who think they can tell the difference between water and well, water. The floor to ceiling windows allow for an excellent view of the highway, so posh. The menu isn’t cheap and comes with a minimum 900baht requirement.  Only a set menu is presented with no a la carte dishes before 5:30pm.

Not all is lost at the Water Library. The food is excellent, and the menu has everything from the basics like soups to sandwiches to their signature dishes like succulent Wagyu steak, pan-seared Snowfish and a selection of wonderful home-made ice creams.  Alcohol is available, but the whole idea of selling expensive water during a time of global water shortages is what makes this place so attractive to those who don’t care about others.  The whole restaurant questions one’s intelligence, even the website has a section devoted to the health benefits of water. Thanks Water Library, we didn’t know the importance of water until you showed up. Did we mention that The Roadhouse is right around the corner?  They serve really good beer.

The Water Library

Address: Chamchuri Square, Unit 217, 2nd Floor Payathai Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Phone: 02-160-5188
BTS: Siam or Saladang
MRT: Silom

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