The Secret Bangkok Club – It’s not where you think!

The Bangkok club scene is bursting at the seams with nightlife options that easily disprove the notion that the city is only about red lights and late night ping pong. How does one differentiate between all of the Bangkok club options?  Read on…

Enter RCA.  A time tested nightlife area that caters to the young, rich and beautiful.  Well, for the most part.  The past few years has seen a dramatic shift in the cliental at some of the establishments located along this stretch of Bangkok’s most premier clubbing area. With the influx of tourists (RCA is in the Lonely Planet after all) many of the club owners have responded by implementing a ‘farang tax’ to help offset the financial and social burden beset by such an unwieldy crowd. You can almost hear the hum of criticism coming from the loyal patrons of such establishments when asked to pay a ‘farang tax’ upon entering their favorite clubs of yesteryear.

Hope is not lost.  There still remains one club in RCA that continues to deliver to the masses without sacrificing its soul by selling out to the international community’s demands for Chang beer and hefty girls in tube tops.  What is the name of this Bangkok club?  We don’t give out our secrets to just anyone who stumbles upon our site (they are a lot of weirdos on the Internet).  Register for a free account with KohSpot and we will send you a detailed breakdown of the best club in RCA, what nights to go and how to navigate the waters to ensure that you have the best time possible.

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