The Pintsman: Crazy, Lively Drunken Dancing

If there’s one thing KohSpot knows from a lifetime of waking up naked in foreign hotel penthouses, it’s the number of our trusted limo driver, Somchai. But if there’s another thing we know, it’s where to get wasted with a eclectic crowd of politicians, aristocrats musicians, drop outs and everything in between. And in the case of The Pintsman, you won’t be disappointed by all the weirdoes that call this place home for a few hours any night of the week.

Opened less than a month ago, The Pintsman is a British pub across the street from Patpong in the United Center with a pool table, the all too common dozen or so beers from Belgium and Germany, and the requisite “gastro” tag before its name. And while that all sounds uninspiring, the owners have captured a bolt of wackiness in a bottle – crazy friends and slamming tunes.

Healthy crowds have dominated The Pintsman’s honeymoon period, and it regularly gigs The Tonic Rays and Trix O’ Treat, one of the few Thai bands it is impossible to dislike, and did we mention they play rockabilly? Of course having a full house tends to create a positive feedback loop, drawing more people into the bar. And even if the wait staff can get overwhelmed at times, the owners are there to make sure orders keep flowing.

The prominent stage inside with a curved video screen background ensures someone’s rocking on most nights, lest The Pintsman turn it over to a DJ. Now on to the goodies. The most striking part of The Pintsman is that unlike most British pubs that are a cesspool of wrinkly white dudes eating beans and complaining about how Thailand is a “country of contradictions”, this place is jamming. People are out of their chairs fist pumping when the band is playing and dropping it like its hot when the DJ is spinning. People are unrestrained, unaware and completely absorbed in the moment and dancing because this is what God put us on this planet to do, along with drink, fornicate and wrestle wild animals. It’s abnormal to see such avid dancing at any bar, and even at most clubs, but the proprietors of The Pintsman have done a good job of providing a space for exactly that.

The Silom area already has several Irish/English pubs, and the beer prices aren’t great, and the venue can feel cramped on busy nights, but if The Pintsman keeps booking interesting bands and welcoming in drunken dancers, we think this place has a good shot at making it.

The Pintsman
Location: 323 Silom Road, United Center, basement level, across the street from Patpong
Mass transit: BTS Sala Daeng or MRT Silom
Hours: 11 am-1 am daily
Phone: 089-012-9922

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