The Penalty Spot – Sports and Hoes

One thing about Sports bars is that they provide a reliable albeit predictable experience of chugging beer, watching sports on big screen TVs, people yelling and BBQ chicken tenders. Awesome, we wouldn’t change it for the world. And similar to lighting cars on fire watching your favorite team with a good group of friends at the local sports bar is an indescribably good time. Opened in 2008 the Penalty Spot is quickly becoming the status quo for sports bars in BKK.

The Penalty Spot, located on Sukhumvit near Soi 29, fills the quota of what a Sports Pub should be. Ample televisions, the occasional roar of the horde, a lot of beer consumption and a menu stacked with fatty foods. Surprisingly spacious The Penalty Spot provides elbow room for those who like to gather in large groups or simply have a little more privacy when cheering on their favorite team.

For the sports loyalist you will be able to find any game, match, race or tournament imaginable on the big screen. When KohSpot was visiting we noticed 4 different sporting events being broadcasted so each and every customer was contently watching their sport of choice thus indicating that the Penalty spot is a shining example of how an egalitarian society can survive in this day and age. Beers are 120 baht for a local and the bar offers imports (Erdinger and Warsteiner) on draft as well. The menu offers a succulent and robust meat and potato pie and of course the token bangers and mash. We imagine the blokes go wild at the Penalty Spot. Most meals will run you about 250. Acceptable pricing for a guaranteed seat and little to no cumbersome distractions that you may find at other establishments.

Speaking of distractions, did we mention that the Penalty Spot offers more than sports, beer and food?  Yep, in typical Bangkok fashion there are a few bar girls hanging out with numbers on their uniforms for purchasing ease. We didn’t ask the cost. Although KohSpot would prefer to chow down on a greasy bacon burger without feeling the prying eyes of a ‘professional’ the atmosphere was cordial and unpressured. Hey, If you can’t beat them join them, right?

Not surprisingly the crowd consists mostly of “mature” Farang dudes. Before you cringe and say to yourself “oh, those guys” keep in mind that the majority of the patrons were relatively presentable and quite jovial and weren’t wearing Tiva sandals with white socks

The second floor offers pool tables.

The Penalty Spot

Address: 507-511 Sukhumvit Road (near soi 29) Klongton-Nua Bangkok 10110
Phone: 02-261-1542
MRT: Sukhumvit
BTS: Asoke

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