The Londoner Bangkok, Worthy of Superlatives?

Two things are typically mentioned when you ask someone about The Londoner Brew Pub in Bangkok.

First, people will claim with strong conviction that The Londoner’s Sunday roast is the best in Thailand. And two, that Wednesday’s 2-for-1 night is one of the city’s best Bangkok parties.

We at KohSpot have to contend both of these superlative statements.

Nestled right on the corner of Sukhumvit Soi 33, down a series of stairs leading towards the basement level of the UBC II building, The Londoner  is a long-time veteran of the Bangkok pub and expat scene.

Wednesday’s 2-for-1 night has a few good things going for it. Nicely marked down beer, a cover band belting out classic rock standards, girls and guys losing their inhibitions and shredding it up on the dance floor, a wide-range of friendly patrons and a healthy dose of blossoming romance occurring throughout the night.

But crowning The Londoner one of the city’s best party spots on Wednesday? No way. It reminded us too much of a typical night out at a suburban brew-pub outside a city like Dallas or Manchester. There is nothing unique about this bar. Take out the desperately aging Thai women looking for a sponsor and you could be anywhere on the planet. You have much better options than The Londoner on a Wednesday night in Bangkok.

Moving on.

The Sunday carvery, with roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, smoked salmon, salads, cheeses, veggies and desserts all for 470 baht is admittedly pretty good for pub food. But again, the best Sunday buffet? Think again. The food is mass-produced to feed a lot of hungry expats. The Londoner’s goal is to make its patrons insanely full opposed to delivering high quality, distinctively tasteful food. Its an ok experience to try once, but you can surely find better food on Sunday, the best of which being.

We applaud The Londoner’s efforts in attempting to brew their own beer, but while both the Londoner Pilsner 33 and the cream bitter taste better than Thai beer, that doesn’t take much and the cream bitter in particular has tasted flat on more than one occasion meaning there might be a problem with the tap. Better in-house brew can be found at Est. 33.

Before we end this article, we’d like to offer up a suggestion to the folks who run The Londoner – Why not add another 2-for-1 night to the weekly schedule? You’re typically dead most other weekdays outside Wednesday. The bar would still be making money because your drinks are marked up pretty high already (cream bitter runs about 170 baht for a pint), and if people order food, your insane margins outside of drinks would still remain. Give it some thought…

The Londoner
Location: 591 UBC II Building, Basement B104, Sukhumvit Soi 33, right at the front of the soi. Free underground parking for 4 hours
BTS Phrom Pong
Phone: 02-261-0238
Hours: 11 am-1 am daily

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