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It’s been said you can find anything in Bangkok on the street, and walking around lower Sukhumvit late at night would confirm this statement. And while goose is not exactly a rarity, often times you have to go to great lengths to find a good one. Fortunately for workers around Silom, Tang Hong on Soi Convent has harn palo or Chinese-style stewed goose all fired up for you.

The venue is your typical Chinese-style shophouse, complete with Khun Paiboon, the patriarch, sitting out front observing all the street traffic. Tang Hong has been around so long he can’t even remember when it all started.

Grab a seat, take it all in and then get started—this place moves customer in and out with admiring speed.

The slowly braised harn palo is the focus, and they have a small plate (80 baht) and large (200 baht). While the goose is delicious and the accompanying sauce is great for dumping on a pile of rice, it’s not value for money. The large plate is not even double the size of a small for more than double the money, and goose-skin can make up a substantial portion of your meal. But then how often do you get to eat goose?

That’s where the greens come in. Stir-fried khanaeng with crispy pork (50 baht) will sort out any hunger pangs leftover from the rather small portion sizes. They have other offerings, such as the gourd soup with chicken and pickled lemon (50 baht) and a bamboo pith soup, but goose is the reason to stop here. And did we mention the stew sauce was fantastic?

Tang Hong is not hard to find, but people might not recognize it by that name. Look for the place across the street from Molly Malone’s with the geese hanging in the display case, or just ask around for harn palo Convent.

Tang Hong
Location: 2/2 Soi Convent, near the junction with Silom Road.
BTS: Sala Daeng
Hours: 8 am-6 pm Monday to Saturday. Closed Sundays.
Phone: 02-235-6362

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