Stu-fe: This House Party is Blowing Up

Sure, Ekamai and Thong Lor have houses that have been cleverly converted into bars, but do they have one where you have to walk down a soi that has no name until you see a motosai asleep on his ride with a Styrofoam sign written in magic marker advertising the place?

And that’s why Kohspot loves Stu-fe, a place for cool cats and indie music lovers to relax, drink and even practice their craft with other musicians. A slice of CBGB’s esoteric mantra combined with a softer more gregarious Thai atmosphere creates a hipster heaven that welcomes anyone who shows up at its golden gates.  Stu-fe was and still is a studio for Monotone Music, and because musicians would come there to eat, drink and play music every night, they came up with the idea about five years ago to open a restaurant and bar to share the love.

The mood is more like a friend’s house than any place KohSpot has been in Bangkok. Sure, the place must be making money or it wouldn’t still be open, but there’s no pressure to order and you can talk to anyone. The woman who showed us around the place (stricktly out of enthusiasm), Ple Noi, described herself as the dishwasher, though she is also a musician and a DJ. The waiter and bartender and some other dude sat down for a jam session later that night. P’Thong from POP is often the cook. Is there anything these Hipsters can’t do?! Musicians come and play or just listen and chat. The group Lydia is probably the most popular band that plays for Monotone and jams at Stu-fe on the reg. Art Vacation plays most Thursdays.

The food is Thai standards with a few Japanese standards thrown in the mix. Nothing great but impressive considering the chef of the evening is most likely a rockstar. Spicy mushroom salad is 80 baht and tonkatsu pork 120 baht.

One minor complaint is only two beers are available, Singha (90 baht) and Heineken (100 baht), which leaves out the option of sipping cocktails or poppin bottles, but Stu-fe does let you bring your own for a 200/300 baht surcharge. Does that mean we have to actually pour our own drinks? We are lazy.

Though the music is mostly indie, that doesn’t mean everyone dresses like it’s Club Culture or is wearing tight pants with grandpa sweaters while writing on their overpriced MacBook about the dangers of capitalism. Stu-fe caters to an eclectic mix of musicans, office workers and dorky teenagers studying as it is located in the Bangkok University neighborhood off of Rama IV Road.

Parying at Stu-fe is a breath of fresh air…if you can find it.

Please note the semi-complex directions below.
Location: 33/1 Soi Farmwattana Rd, a small soi right off of Rama IV Rd. Very easy to find if you take Soi Farmwattana Rd, just go to the end of the soi. If you turn south on the larger thoroughfare of Kluai Namthai Tatmai Rd/Sukhumvit Soi 42 associated with Bangkok University, turn left at your first chance past the 7-Eleven, even though it’s an unnamed road and looks like you’re driving into a railway wasteland. Stop at the motosai guy with the Styrofoam sign for street parking.

BTS Ekamai or Phra Khanong, then walking or motosai.
Hours: 6 pm-1 am daily, closed Mondays
Phone: 02-712-0375

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