Serenade Restaurant and Wine Bar

Located in the newly developed and illustriously designed Grass Complex on Thong Lor, Serenade Restaurant and Wine Bar has created a stir in the Bangkok foodie world since its opening in October 2010. 

Propped behind Fat Gutz bar between Thong Lor Soi 10 and 12, Serenade dons a fully faux-grass-facade where customers can lazily relax while dining outside on traditional tables or baller sofas. Inside the mood angles towards the chic with a more elegant, yet casual dining room that eagerly intensifies the culinary experience of Serenade, in a good way. The chefs have managed to create a menu worthy of fine-dining labeling at recessionista level prices. Kudos.

Dinner starts with a delectable amuse-bouche while you ponder the expansive, yet ever-changing seasonal menu. With items right now ranging from espresso charred tuna to glazen lemon pork belly on pickled carrot the menu definitely caters to foreign tastes but can please even the most traditional Thai palate. The grilled fish with paprika buerre and grilled capsicum complimented itself so well that we’ve been salivating about this dish ever since. Be sure to order about 2-3 dishes per person, share, and then rejoice in the sensation of being overwhelmingly full by such great food at a great Thong Lor location.

As we mentioned earlier, food prices are fantastic hovering around 200-250 baht per plate which, according to the owners, includes all surcharges and VAT prices. What is printed on the menu is what you pay, period.

Bottles of wine start at 900 baht and vary to a level that’s on-par with other restaurants in this area (if pressed the wine selection might be where Serenade slightly stumbles). A full bar can mix up your favorite Prohibition era drink and some interesting foreign beers dot the menu such as the Witterkerke that goes down fantastic with the Argentine sirloin.

With neighbors such as Soul Food, Iron Fairies and the party scene on Soi 10, we’re starting to believe there is no reason to ever leave Thong Lor.

Serenade Restaurant
1/F Grass Thong Lor 264/1
Mon – Fri 11am – 2pm; Sun-Thur 5pm – 1130pm
Fri, Sat 530pm – 1:00am




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