Secret Garden in One Word – Adorable

We assume that the all white furnishings, cutesy window frames and smarty staff are attempting to piggyback off the highly acclaimed albeit creepy novel sharing the same name.  In the words of originator, “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary”.  The Secret Garden, nicely nestled amidst the towering infrastructure that is Sathorn, offers a respite for hot and hungry and attempts to prove itself as a standalone restaurant.


The restaurant is divided up into two areas, one was for desserts and expensive and delicious smoothies and the other for dining. KohSpot was starving so decided to sit down for some Lime Chicken. The dish consisted of thinly sliced chicken deep fried and topped with toasted sesame, and mayonaise on a bed of shredded deep fried Chinese broccoli. The dish had an intriguing appearance,but failed in the taste bud stimulation department.  We chalk this up to the chef catering to the frequent farang visitation. Often times, no spice is considered good spice in this scenario.  Naa bua. The red curry and duck packed a punch in the spicy department and was a decent addition to the overall culinary experience at the Secret Garden.

The real highlight at Secret Garden is the desserts with the Crepe Cake (pictured) taking the cake (pun intended KohSpot readers) with a sweet and refreshing strawberry sauce combined with delectable creaminess layered crepes. Delicious!

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