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So you’ve secured digits from a beautiful Thai girl and you’re busily sifting through all of KohSpot’s Pulitzer-esque reporting of Bangkok’s hot spots in efforts to find the ultimate first date venue.

Halt thy search.

Salt Bangkok on Soi Ari 4 is your first date haven.

And here’s five reasons why…

Argument #1 for its first date potential: Location

Location is everything when it comes to first dates and Salt on Soi Ari is perfect in that sense. Soi Ari has been straddling that ‘are we up-and-coming or not’ mode for over 5 years and as a result has yet to become played out.

Ari is void of the predictability of a Siam or Sukhumvit location and displays a sense of defined personal taste that would surely fizzle should you choose a first-date at some place like a mall. Salt is also situated in a more local neighborhood, so you’ll be hard pressed to find a lot of tourists in Beer Singha tanks and Khao San swim trunks sharing their latest enlightenment trip to Luang Prabang. Your date probably wouldn’t mind, but your sanity would.

Argument #2 for its first date potential: Venue/Crowd

We once read that a bow-tie announces to the world that you can no longer get an erection. Well, the last time we ate at Salt we saw three hipsters donning bow-ties. That’s all we’ll say about the male crowd/competition.

Salt has great lighting with candles in vases secured by piles of sea-salt dotting each outdoor table. Its just dark enough outside should your date turn up looking more frog-like than you remembered when you met her inebriated at Funky and got her number. On the flip side, if you landed a dime piece, claim the indoor venue as the floor to ceiling windows that light up the cubical design of Salt’s interior will be on display for all Soi Ari. We know you’re narcissistic, embrace it.

Argument #3 for its first date potential: Menu Options

On a first date, particularly in Thailand, you have no idea her tolerance of cuisine. The menu at Salt consists of so many options that there truly is something for every palette. Where else does a Japanese sushi and sashimi bar sit a meter away from an outdoor pizza oven serving up thin-crust pies? Salt’s French Cuisine is subtly catering to Thai tastes and their fusion options such as the BBQ Duck Sushi are evergreen in their appeal.

There’s no descriptions of the dishes in the menu, per se, but even though the food is diverse and detailed in its design, the ingredients are basic enough that even the most freshman foodie should be able to pronounce all the dishes and avoid looking like some sort of plebeian in front of your date.

Argument #4 for its first date potential: Price v Quality v Expectation

Salt is baller enough to display a certain level of swagger and sets you a safe egg toss away from the hoi polloi, but its not to the point where you’d be setting the wrong impression or putting awful future expectations on yourself by coming out the gate too extravagant. The food prices are on a level that are reasonable and acceptable when considering the quality and atmosphere. Not a lot of bloat in the overages (less the cocktails).

Argument #5 for its first date potential: The drinks

The bar menu is dotted with enough cutely named drinks such as the Some Thyme, Sugar Daddy and the Lychee Slut which all combine a balance of stiffness with taste which invariably leave the most infrequent consumer of liquor smiling and offering out a gleeful “aroi.” Who doesn’t want a couple cocktails to loosen the mood on a first date. Great mixologists. But be careful, this is where the bill can get staggering with cocktails coming in well over 300 baht a piece. Come on Salt, this ain’t NYC.

Overall Salt is just a great venue, with a buzzy vibe and relaxing atmosphere. The food is above average for the prices and the wait-staff, who communicate via walkie-talkie, are efficient and pace the dinner in an educated manner. We can’t think of a better first date. Call ahead for reservations.

Salt Bangkok
Corner Soi Ari 4
Phaholyothin 7
Phone: 026196886
BTS: Ari

*image courtesy of Salt

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