Salads and More: Healthy Eating on Asok

“Your Health is Your Wealth” – Grandma.

Bangkok can be a city of many vices ranging from the classic sex drugs and rock n roll to stuffing your face with greasy cheeseburgers as you watch a blurry sunrise saying to yourself, “Sunglasses and advil. Last night was mad real“.

Believe it or not, Bangkok also has a healthy side. Yoga, meditation, traditional Thai massage and organic food are all intrinsically interwoven into the daily fabric that is Thai living.

Let’s talk nutriment.

Salads and More is a family runned business that offers a healthy alternative to the carb packed lunch options that fill Bangkokian’s stomachs most afternoons. This contemporary yet basic salad bar styled restaurant serves up fresh organic ingredients at reasonable prices and there really isn’t too many misses on the menu. And to back up their claim that they have health on the mind Salads and More lists the health benefits of each ingredient on their FB page. At the very least, we appreciate the effort of trying to be more health conscious.

Salads and More stays true to its name by offering robust salads such as the Shoyu Thai-French Beef, Northern Sausage (Sai-Ua) Spicy Salad and the Tofu and Mushroom salad with more classic options such as Caesar Salad  rounding out the menu. We sampled the Shoyu Thai-French Beef salad with crumbled egg, black sesame, and cherry tomatoes all drizzled with a slightly sweet slighty sour home made Balsamic herb Vinaigrette dressing. The thinly sliced beef was tender, the mixed greens the freshest and the soba noodles the perfect consistency.

The real joy at Salads and More is that you can also build your own salad from scratch, which allows for the ultimate in greenery exploration. The price starts at 90 baht and increases depending on how many add-ons you include in your order. Ingrediants range from red kidney beans and pumpkin seeds to grilled zucchini and prawns so there really is something for everyone to mix and mash.

In case you are looking for more substance there is the Chicken Green Curry Wrap, Ham and Pesto panini and Mushroom Curry Panini. All Paninis are served on warm home baked wheat bread instead of the white plasticy bread all too often served at over priced international restaurants. We also recommend their smoothies, in particular the fitness fresh shake consisting of  cucumber, carrot, apple celery and passion fruit.  We could hear our arteries celebrating our decision to consume such a drink.

With so much international discussion about the growing slow food movement and how a large portion of society’s health woes can be contributed to a poor diet consisting of processed foods its nice to see a restaurant taking charge by focusing on healthy food. Hold the foie gras, we are eating health…..well at least for today. Vices died hard.

Salads and More
Location: 44/4 Asok, Sukhumvit 21 Around the middle of the Asok road, located near the Caltex gas station near the GMM building.
Mass Transit: BTS or MRT Asok (then taxi or motobike)
Hours: Mon – Sat: 10:00 am-8:00 pm
Phone: 02-664-3336

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