Royal City Avenue (RCA): Review of Bangkok’s famed Bars and Clubs

‘Phom yak pi RCA” or “I want to go to RCA” is a phrase that all too often initiates a night filled with drunken debauchery, hook ups, broken hearts, broken bottles and an overwhelming sense that the night is full of possibilities and one is forever young.  Royal City Avenue (RCA), nestled between Rama 9 and Soonvijai, is the nightlife epicenter for Bangkok 20-somethings.  Yes, RCA is similar to playing Internet while drunk as its a good time, but also a little confusing and annoying at times.  That is why we provided a list of our favorite clubs and bars at this long standing Bangkok nightlife institution to help you navigate the nightlife.

Route 66

We love route 66.  The mega-club has gone through numerous remodeling phases over the years and the crowd has changed dramatically from local Thais to farang wiggas (see pic), but one thing remains consistent – masses getting crank.  Read more about Route 66 Here

Cosmic Cafe 

RCA is dominated by hip-hop and techno/house offerings so Cosmic Cafe is a refreshing twist on live music venues.  The bar is simple and laid back, the bar is approachable and the crowd rotates based on who is playing that night.  Diversity never looked so good at RCA. Read more about Cosmic Cafe Here.


Yep, we hate on this club. However, we also recognize that club LED brings in some heavy hitting DJs from around the world, caters to a niche market and has one of the best sound systems in the city.  Game recognize Game LED.  Now go do us a favor and start playing real music ; ) Read more about club LED here


We were hesitant to write about this glorious hip hop club mostly because its dear to our heart and we don’t want to see it go the way of Route 66 (see above).  Slim stands out as one of the last few clubs at RCA that hasn’t been negatively influenced by the clubbing practices of the western world.  You can still see people doing the two-finger Thai dance, whiskey shots are the norm (F$#K vodka towers) and Thai hip hop still gets some love on the turntables.

Check out more RCA clubs and bars with our interactive map

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