Phuket Town: A Bangkok Restaurant With Southern Flavor

A little story about our relationship with Bangkok’s very own Phuket Town restaurant.

Most people’s future is KohSpot’s past. However, every once and a while we let a diamond like Phuket Town restaurant fall through the cracks.  Shame on us for not getting to Phuket Town sooner.

Thong Lor is a cool and hip locale or an overly gentrified Japanese enclave depending on who you ask. Either way, we welcome restaurants that dare to go against the status quo in this neighborhood of western chains and unmemorable katsu don. That is why Phuket Town, located on Thong Lor soi 6 is such a breath of fresh air.  First and foremost, this is a quintessential family business.  The owner, Kate, runs the show, but it is her brother’s introspective and nostalgia inducing interior design that attracts the wandering customer and her mom’s home recipes that keep them coming back.

Kate returned from the UK a few years ago with a master’s degree and a strong desire to take on the titans of industry. However the global recession and flagging job market had other ideas for her career path and put her in a position of sink or swim. Luckily for us she decided to take matters into her own hands and open a restaurant serving up her child hood favorites such as Kuai Tieo Khaek and Kaeng Luang.  A mind blowing 80% of the ingredients (including the pineapple) are actually imported from her hometown of Phuket to allow for culinary authenticity and “provide the customer with real southern Thailand food in Bangkok”. Awesome.

Recommended dishes at Phuket Town include the southern favorite kanom jeen nam ya poo (130B) consisting of rice noodles with tender & creamy pieces of crab that would make any seafood junky high and the yam khamin khaao goong sod (150B) with its intense citrusy flavors and powerful curry spices is minced pork and prawn salad executed to perfection.

Phuket Town has a grand total of six tables and packs a crowd most evenings.  With prices reasonable, food out of this world and service exceeding expectations it is definitely worth the wait.  Enjoy.

Phuket Town
160/8 Thong Lor Soi 6
Open: 10:30am – 10:30pm, daily.

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