Pearl Bakery: Slanging Goodies

Rather than go the way of After You with cute tables, fluffy pillows and soft pop, Pearl Bakery opted for a “small is beautiful” approach complimented with tasty food. And both approaches seem to be working. Sure, Pearl Bakery isn’t opening branches in Siam Paragon and the Ari Villa like its fellow competitor, but proprietor Kaimook Pongstaporn has a devoted following including some Thai celebrities, rumor has it. We envision Thaitanium coming in on Sunday morning and eating cupcakes and this makes us happy.

Her small bakery has a few indoor tables and an outdoor backyard patio that’s pleasantly leafy and a good place to read or work. The kitchen is right behind the display case in full view, so if you want to brush up on some of your baking techniques just grab a chair and watch the yeast rise.

In addition to being right around the corner from the recently reviewed Thanying , Pearl Bakery benefits from being across the street from Bangkok Christian College as they derive a lot of business from students, faculty and parents. Pearl is on Soi Srivieng, which is right behind Sathorn Road and connects to Surasak Road.

Desserts are their strong point, and Reese’s has nothing on their chocolate peanut butter cups (25baht). The hazelnut chocolate cake (65 baht) tastes smooth, if cake can taste smooth, but could certainly use more hazelnut to give it a more robust flavor. If it’s cheesecake, it will be popular in Thailand. However the red berry cheesecake (95 baht) definitely earns its stripes, even if nothing can top New York Cheesecake’s imported heart attack facilitator.

Pearl Bakery does quite a few main dishes and sandwiches as well, with chicken stew with rice (70 baht) and baked spinach (120 baht) standing out.

At these prices and with this convenient location, Pearl Bakery has carved a niche for itself in the expanding boutique bakery buffet of Bangkok.

Location: 8 Soi Srivieng, one block north of Sathorn Road close to Surasak Road.
Mass transit: Surasak BTS
Hours: 6 am-6 pm daily
Phone: 081-449-0444

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